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[Birth Announcement and Photograph]

Description: Photograph of a baby girl with dark hair, visible from the chest up. An accompanying page has an image of a infant in the left hand corner. Text in the middle of the page reads, " Monica Yvette Roscles, Aug. 14, 1978, 6 pounds 2 ounces, my happy parents are Robert & JoAnn Roscles." On the front of the announcement there is text in a circle that reads "Announcing." and numerous lines are coming from the circle.
Date: July 14, 1978

[Image depicting Saint Nicolas de Bari]

Description: Postcard-type print of an artwork depicting Saint Nicolas de Bari, wearing religious garments and holding symbolic objects. There are angelic figures above his head. Around his feet, several naked children are playing near a barrel on his left and a girl standing to his right is holding a pitcher and offering him a cup. Text below the image says "Sn Nicholas de Bari."
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Man Standing in a Yard]

Description: Photograph of a man standing in a yard with a house and fence in background. There are various objects in the background such as trees, pile of wood, other building. There is a note on the front of the photograph that reads " To: Grandma Lupe & Jalo Martinez From; your grandson Armando Martinez 17 yrs..
Date: unknown
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