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27 Anniversary celebration at The Shamrock
Photograph of a group of a people celebrating a 27th Anniversary at The Shamrock Hotel in 1949. Siting right to left: Malcom and Louise Pearce, Daisy Sells, Edith Pearce, Jess Trimble
Annie Bancroft
Studio photograph of Annie Bancroft. She is wearing a lacy white dress with a white bow in her hair. She is also wearing glasses.
[Parade in Houston]
Photograph of a parade in Houston. Six mules pull a covered wagon belonging to E.W. Brown of Orange, Texas. Men on horseback and other wagons follow behind. Many spectators watch from the curbs.
Portrait of George Bancroft
Portrait of George Bancroft in a suit and white cravat.
Vera Pannewitz
Studio photograph of Vera Pannewitz. She is wearing a high-collared frilly dress with a brooch pinned at the neck. Her hair is brown and pulled into a high bun with a stringy bow pinned on top. The words, "Hitchler, Houston" are on the bottom right of the mat.