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[1946 Softball Championship Trophy]
Photograph of two men holding the Dr. Pepper 1946 Championship Softball Team trophy. A list of team members is held by the man on the left. It reads, "Robert Steele, Herman Nies, Jr.,Wallace Pachar, Ezra Gordon, "Tubby" Johnson, Roy Mazzagate, Michael Blanda, J.P. Hilliard, Lawrence Parkhurst, Michael Romano, Bruce McCleland, J.S. Rougeau, Burton Simar, Woodell Grubbs, Girard Stansbury, Junious Barber, Johnie Archer - Bat Boy."
[Aerial View of a City]
Aerial photograph of a town with trees, roads, and houses.
[Aerial View of Orange, Texas]
Aerial photograph of Orange Texas along the Sabine River. In the foreground is the railroad tracks and storage buildings, a ship is seen to the left. In the background is the Port of Orange. The building in the foreground is an older Port of Orange. Those buildings have been replaced with a newer Port of Orange. Levingston Shipyard would eventually build on the island in center left. Above the island is the town Orange, and in the background to the discerning eye is Consolidated Steel, or American Bridge division of US Steel and today Signal International.
[Aerial View of Pinehurst Ranch]
Aerial photograph of the Pinehurst Ranch in Orange, Texas. A long driveway leads up to the ranch. Many trees and buildings are in the photo.
[Aerial View of Stark Property at Hwy. 105 and 87]
Aerial photograph of the Stark property at Highway 105 and 87. Houses and barns are seen on the right.
[Aerial View of the Yacht Basin in Orange, Texas]
Aerial photograph of the Yacht Basin in Orange, Texas. Boathouses are along the shore and wooded areas are across the water.
Bengal Guards on Train to Chicago
Photograph of the Bengal Guard on a train to Chicago. There are at least eleven women wearing light-colored coveralls with the words, "Bengal Guard, Orange, Tex." printed on the back. In the center is Lewis Gay, a man in a cowboy hat, boots, western shirt and tie leaning over another man with a small girl on his lap. Lewis Gay was the Drill Master of the Bengal Guards in the late 1930s. Another girl sits on the lap of a woman on the right side of the frame. Some of the women wear head scarves, jewelry, or glasses. In the lower left corner is an open magazine. Behind the group are open wooden blinds and a lamp is on the wall. Everybody is smiling.
[Billy garrett, 1949]
Photograph of Billy Garrett in front of a service stationin 1949. He is wearing a hat and drinking a soft drink from the Coca-Cola machine behind him.
[Booklet Depicting Winter Storm]
Twelve-page booklet with photographs taken during a winter snow storm in Orange, Texas.
[C.H. Meriwether]
Photograph of C.H. Meriwether around 1940.
[Christening a Ship at Levingston]
Photograph of a group of people standing at the bow of a ship for a christening at Levingston Shipbuilding in Orange, Texas in June of 1949.
City buses parked on both sides of a town street
Photograph shows city buses and cars parked on both sides of a town street in front of various stores such as J.P. Penny Company, Green's and Williams Drugs Prescriptions.
[Company D, Texas State Guard]
Photograph of Company D. 43rd Bn. Texas State Guard, Riot Duty - Beaumont, Tex. June 16th - 20th 1943. The soldiers stand in their uniforms outside a building in Beaumont. Front Row L-R, kneeling: Bill Stringer, H.S. Peterson, Scotty Jackson, Forrest Bass, Dick Terry, John Norwood, Douglas Peterson, Leroy Boehme, Frank Holloran, Dexter Shelly. Rear L-R, standing: Lawrence W. Hustmyre (company captain), Dr. Frank Hubert, Cecil Cole (postmaster), "Jiggs" Cormier, unknown, unknown, W.J. Mullins, unknown, Fred Mullins, E.D. Short, Henry Lee Woodworth.
[Construction at fleet berthing facility]
Photograph of construction at the fleet berthing facilities in Orange, Texas. There is a motorboat docked along the shoreline in the foreground. Text in the lower-right corner says: "Brown & Root Inc. Contract Noy 13234. Fleet berthing facilities Orange, Texas. View of Const. from across river Opp. Pier 6. 7/19/46 No. 61."
[Curtis School in 1948]
Photograph of the exterior of the Curtis School, a three-story brick building at Division and College Streets in Orange, Texas. Later it became part of the Heritage Center.
[Deck of the USS Missouri on the day of Japan's surrender]
Photograph relating to the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. Army and Navy officials watch on as dignitaries leave the deck.
[Elridge Hubert, 1945]
Portrait photograph of Elridge Hubert in his military uniform in 1945. The name "Elridge" is inscribed below the matted photo.
[Elridge Hubert at University of Paris in 1945]
Photograph of Elridge Hubert standing in the snow outside of the University of Paris in 1945. There is an Army Jeep parked in the street behind him.
[Elridge Hubert at University of Paris in 1945]
Photograph of Elridge Hubert sitting under a snow-covered evergreen tree outside of the University of Paris.
[Elridge Hubert sitting on a Jeep in Paris]
Photograph of Elridge Hubert in Paris. He is holding a large snowball and sitting on the hood of a Jeep.
[Fifth Street Looking North]
Photograph of Fifth Street in Orange, Texas, looking north. Cars and businesses line the street.
[Fleet Berthing Facilities]
Photograph of Fleet Berthing Facilities looking N.E. from Coopers Gulley. There are multiple buildings with cars parked in front of them. Two men and a camera appear on the bottom left of the photograph. Front of Photograph: "Brown & Root Inc. Contract No. 13234. Fleet Berthing Facilities. Orange/Texas. Looking N.E. from Coopers Gulley. 2/8/46 No.4."
[General DeGaulle Leaving Notre Dame]
Photograph of President DeGaulle's car leaving Franklin D. Roosevelt's memorial service at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France during April 1945.
[General Douglas MacArthur addresses dignitaries at the signing of the Japanese Surrender]
Photograph relating to the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender which ended WWII. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander, address the crowd at the beginning of the ceremony. Behind him from left to right stand: General Hsu Yung-Chang of China; Admiral Sir Bruce A. Fraser, Royal Navy; Lt. General Kuzma Derevyanko of the U.S.S.R.; and General Sir Thomas Blamey of Australia.
[Gulf States Utilities Automotive Fleet]
Aerial view of the Gulf States Utilities Automotive Fleet. Automobiles and trucks are parked outside garages behind a warehouse.
[Gulf States Utilities Crew in 1949]
Employees at Gulf States Utilities in 1949.L-R: Jefferson, Perry, Howard, Lester, Pinder, Dailey, Hodges, Barber, Stahl, Woodard, Wilkinson, Harrison, Armstrong, Meeks, Steele, Gossett, Nicks, Murray, Rougeau, Thomas, Schultz, Bridges, Mitchell, Bland, Nantz, LeRoux, Cheschul, Osburn, Smith, Nick, Bolton, and Brown.
[Hillard Building]
Photograph of a brick building in the 1940s with glass tiles on a curved corner with the name "Hilliard" on it.
[Holland Hotel]
Photograph of the Holland hotel. There is a car parked in front of the hotel and a cable coming from the side of the building. There is an "Orange Chamber of Commerce" sign on the right of the image.
[Japanese surrender, September 2, 1945]
Photograph of Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signing the Instrument of Surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. Toshikazu Kase overlooks Shigemitsu's shoulder.
[Joe Molly's "The Whang Doodle"]
Photograph of a young woman standing in front of Joe Molly's "The Whang Doodle" a soda fountain in Orange, Texas. There are venetian blinds in the windows and a double screen door on the entrance. A neon sign above the door reads, "Home of the Whang Doodle, 5 cents, Fountain Service" The woman is wearing a dark dress with a white collar and cuffs.
[Launch Party at Weaver Shipyards]
Photograph of the launching party at Weaver Shipyards in Orange, Texas on June, 24, 1943. Seventeen men, women, and children stand at the bow of a new ship, designated YMS252. The women all wear corsages and hats.
[Main Business District in Orange, Texas]
Postcard depicting the main business district in Orange, Texas in the 1940s.
[Military officers on the deck of the USS Missouri for the Japanese Surrender of WWII]
Photograph relating to the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender that ended WWII. Allied military officers stand on the deck of the USS Missouri. From left to right on the front row are: Lt. General Kuzma Derevyando of the U.S.S.R.; General Sir Thomas Blamey of Australia; Colonel Lawrence Moore Cosgrave of Canada; General Jacques LeClerc of France; Vice Admiral Conrad E.L. Helfrich of the Netherlands; and Air Vice Marshall Leonard M. Isitt of New Zealand.
[Negotiating the surrender of Mili Atoll with the Japanese]
Photograph of U.S. and Japanese officers negotiating the surrender of Mili Atoll, Marshalls on board the USS Levy. U.S. officers from left to right: Commander H.E. Cross; Capt. H.B. Grow, Commander W.C. Burkhard, Lt. P.S. Breck Jr., and Commander C.G. Olson. The Japanese officer on the right is Navy Capt. Masanori Shiga.
[Orange City Hospital]
Photograph of the Orange City Hospital at Burton and Twentieth Streets in 1945. There are three cars in the parking lot. Trees with Spanish moss are in the foreground.
[Orange County Court House]
Photograph of the Orange County Court House. It is a three-story brick building.
[Orange High School]
Photograph of Orange High School in 1948. Large palm trees stand in front of the school located on Green Avenue.
[Orange High School]
Photograph of Orange High School, seen from the corner of Fifteenth Street and Green Avenue in 1948. It is a three-story brick building. Large palm trees stand near the intersection and a traffic light hangs in the foreground.
[Orange National Bank]
Photograph of Orange National Bank on the corner of Main and Fifth Streets. This is a two-story building with Corinthian columns on the front of it. Automobiles are in the streets outside the building.
[Parents of E.C. Hubert with Kenneth Wallace]
Photograph of E.C. Hubert's parents seated outdoors in West Orange at the house on Moss Street. Behind them stands Cpl. Kenneth Wallace during a visit in summer 1945.
[Peace Treaty in Japanese]
Photograph relating to a Peace Treaty in Japan.
[Photograph of Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange, Texas]
Photograph of a fleet berthing facility near Orange, Texas. There is a large pier with several large boats on top and behind it. In the center of the peer is a large tower with cables. In the background is a tree-covered hill and in the foreground is a stretch of water. Typed across the bottom right hand corner is, "Brown and Root Inc. Contract NOy 13243, Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange/Texas, View of Pier 1 From Pier 2, 8/2/46, NO 64".
[Photograph of Group of People Standing near a Body of Water]
Photograph of a group of people standing and fishing near a body of water.
[Recreation at the Riverside Housing Development in Riverside]
Photograph of some kids playing baseball at the Riverside housing development in the 1940s.
[Rhodes White Way Sandwich Shop]
Photograph of Rhodes White Way Sandwich Shop in 1941. The owners, waitresses and staff stand in front of this well-known eating place.
[Secretaries at Texas Creosote]
Photograph of secretaries at Texas Creosote Company in Orange, Texas between 1941 and 1945. They are all wearing dresses and stand in a line outside the building.
Several People in Goree Drug Store
Photograph of eight men and one woman standing in the Goree Drug Store. Six of the men are wearing suits and ties, and one man is wearing cowboy boots. The woman is wearing a dark skirt and white blouse. Two of the men in front of the group are handing off a piece of paper. The man on the left side of the frame has a cigar in his mouth. The group is surrounded by glass cabinets filled with goods. On a shelf in the background are framed certificates and on the wall above them is an American flag. Hanging from the ceiling is a ceiling fan and a fluorescent light.
[Ships Being Repaired in Orange, Texas]
Photograph of two ships tied up to a dock at the shipyard in Orange, Texas. These ships were being repaired.
[Stark High School]
Photograph of Stark Senior High School from Thirteenth Street in 1948. It is a two-story brick building. There are automobiles parked on the street next to it.
[Stark High School in 1948]
Photograph of the side of Stark High School in 1948. Automobiles are parked on the street.