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[1885 Fire Wagon]
Photograph and description of Orange's volunteer firemen standing by a fire wagon in 1885. This is the oldest known picture of an Orange scene.
1903 newspaper clipping of several portraits
A 1903 newspaper clipping shows the portraits of several men in suits.
[1917 Pumper]
Photograph of a 1917 Pumper truck that won an award in LaFrance's 150th Anniversary Festivities in Elmira, New York.
[1946 Softball Championship Trophy]
Photograph of two men holding the Dr. Pepper 1946 Championship Softball Team trophy. A list of team members is held by the man on the left. It reads, "Robert Steele, Herman Nies, Jr.,Wallace Pachar, Ezra Gordon, "Tubby" Johnson, Roy Mazzagate, Michael Blanda, J.P. Hilliard, Lawrence Parkhurst, Michael Romano, Bruce McCleland, J.S. Rougeau, Burton Simar, Woodell Grubbs, Girard Stansbury, Junious Barber, Johnie Archer - Bat Boy."
[1961 Lincoln Continental in Showroom]
Photograph of a new 1961 Lincoln Continental in an automobile dealer's showroom.
[1961 Lincoln Continental in Showroom]
Photograph of a new 1961 Lincoln Continental in an automobile dealer's showroom.
1993 OCAS Ambulance
Photograph of an Orange Country Emergency Medical Services Ambulance with it's driver and two emergency workers.
5th Street Main Business District in Orange, Texas
Photograph looking south of automobiles parked on 5th street on the Main Business District of Orange, Texas.
5th Street Main Business District in Orange, Texas
Photograph lookinh north of automobiles parked on 5th street on the Main Business District of Orange, Texas.
[Aerial view of Acheson Plant-Later]
Aerial photograph of the Acheson plant in Orange Texas. There are multiple cars in rows around the facility. There is a building under construction next to the plant.
[Aerial view of Allied Chemical Co.]
Aerial photograph of the Allied Chemical Co. looking North.
[Aerial view of Allied Chemical Co.]
Aerial photograph of the Allied Chemical Co.
[Aerial view of Levingston Shipbuilding Co.]
Aerial photograph of the Levingston Shipbuilding Facilities. There are ships and construction materials near a body of water. The text "Levingston's Shipbuilding Co. 800 Employees." is written on the front of the photograph.
[Aerial view of Orange]
Aerial photograph of the facilities of Allied, DuPont, Goodrich-Gulf and Spencer. There is a piece of tracing paper overlaying the black and white photograph, the paper shows the boundaries of the areas in the image.
[Aerial view of Orange]
Aerial photograph of Orange, Texas. The facilities of DuPont, Goodrich Gulf, Allied and Spencer are visible as well as the Cow Bayou. The areas are marked with pen on transparent material placed over the photograph.
[Allen Buck Patillo]
Photograph of Allen Buck Patillo. He is wearing a hat, glasses and a badge.
American Bridge Fire in 1980
American Bridge fire in 1980 and several onlookers.
[Anderson Hardware]
Photograph of Anderson Hardware on Fifth Street. It was adveritsed as the best hardware house in Southeast Texas. Six men and two boys stand on the sidewalk in front of the store.
[Anderson School in Orange, Texas]
Color postcard depicting the Anderson School in Orange, Texas. It is a two-story brick building with a dome on top. Three African American children stand in front of the school. Correspondence on the back reads, "I'm sorry you've been missing Sunday School. Hope to see you there this Sunday. Bring Carrol with you. Lovingly yours, Mrs. McDaniel" It is addressed to Mr. Bess Lyons, Orange, Texas. The postmark reads, Orange, Texas on July 8, 1914.
[Anna of Orangefield]
Photograph of a woman named "Anna." Oil wells at Orangefield are behind her.
[Annie Bancroft at Randolph Macon College]
Oval photograph of Annie Bancroft when she was at Randolph Macon College in Lynchburg, Virginia around 1899.
Annie Gore in her Mother's Yard in Orange, Texas
Photograph of Annie Gore standing outdoors in a garden. She is wearing a dark skirt, white blouse, hat and holding a wicker basket full of flowers. She is standing in front of a porch with a banister. In front of the porch are tall rose bushes. Written across the bottom of the photograph is, "Annie Gore in her Mothers yard. Orange - Tex."
[Apartment Complex]
Photograph of a two-story apartment complex. There are trees and an advertisement sign in front of the complex.
[APD Transport, High Speed]
Photograph of an APD transport, high speed boat. This boat was part of the mothball, or reserve, fleet docked in Orange, Texas.
Archie and Josephine Sims
Photograph of Archie & Josephine Sims. The two Sims children are shown standing, holding hands.
Armistice Day Parade, Orange, Texas
Photograph of an Armistice Day Parade in Orange, Texas. There is a large crowd holding a large American flag. In the bottom right hand corner is a tin roof and on the left hand side is a building under construction and a telephone pole. Written across the top is, "Nov. 11th 1918 Orange Tex".
[Atlantic Roustabouts]
Photograph of four men standing by an oil derrick with a large crank behind them. Written on the photo is, "Atlantic Roustabouts, H.B. Phillips, Foreman, Orangefield, Texas"
[Attendant at a Humble Gas Station]
Photograph of a Humble gas station attendant standing next to a gas pump around 1950. His uniform has a "Humble" patch on the shirt.
[Automobile Parked outside of Post Office]
Photograph of Ellison Crew and an automobile outside of the Post Office in Orange, Texas. The vehicle is loaded with bags of mail.
[Automotive Service Garage]
Photograph of two men standing outside of an automotive reapair garage. Advertised on the building reads, "Storage, Service, Cars, Assesor, Tiles, Tubes, Garage."
[Auxilary Floating Dry Dock]
Photograph of an auxiliary floating dry dock. This was part of the mothball, or reserve, fleet docked in Orange, Texas.
[Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock]
Photograph of an auxiliary floating dry dock. This equipment was part of the mothball, or reserve, fleet docked in Orange, Texas.
Band Hall of the Orange High Bengal Guards
Band hall of the Orange High Bengal Guards.
Barge Built by Orange Car and Steel
Photograph of a river barge with a large crane on the right side of the frame. There are eleven workers in hats standing on top of the barge. In the foreground are steel beams and canisters amongst weeds. Typed on a piece of paper that is glued to the bottom of the mat is, "This is a barge, which is one of three we built for the U.S. Government in 1924. It was an all rivet barge made by the Orange Car and Steel. Mr Ben Glover was Shop foreman. It was built about half way from the shop and Livingston's ship yard. I worked as a fitter."
A barge identified as "Bull Run"
A barge identified as "Bull Run" navigates next to the shore of a wharf at a high speed.
[Barge on Water]
Photograph of a large oil barge in the middle of open water. Printed on the front of the photograph is, "L.S.C. #50 - Hull 602, Steel Oil Barge, 264'x50'x10'-3", Completed June 7, 1959."
[Bengal Guards - Drum and Bugle Corp]
Photograph of a performance of the Bengal Guards, the award-winning all-female drum and bugle corp of Orange High School.
Bengal Guards on Train to Chicago
Photograph of the Bengal Guard on a train to Chicago. There are at least eleven women wearing light-colored coveralls with the words, "Bengal Guard, Orange, Tex." printed on the back. In the center is Lewis Gay, a man in a cowboy hat, boots, western shirt and tie leaning over another man with a small girl on his lap. Lewis Gay was the Drill Master of the Bengal Guards in the late 1930s. Another girl sits on the lap of a woman on the right side of the frame. Some of the women wear head scarves, jewelry, or glasses. In the lower left corner is an open magazine. Behind the group are open wooden blinds and a lamp is on the wall. Everybody is smiling.
[Bertie and Marion Spooner]
Photograph of young Bertie (L) and Marion Spooner (R).
[Bessie Rowland]
Photographic portrait of Bessie Rowland, cousin of Annie B. Goree and Carl M. Bancroft.
[Big Three Welding Equipment Co.]
Photograph of the Big Three Welding Equipment Co. Plant. There are company trucks parked in front of the facility.
[Billy garrett, 1949]
Photograph of Billy Garrett in front of a service stationin 1949. He is wearing a hat and drinking a soft drink from the Coca-Cola machine behind him.
Black children playing at day care
Black children playing during day care, including a boy and a girl sitting at a table and two boys sitting on the floor playing with wooden blocks.
[Boat Named "Lutcher-S"]
Photograph of the stern of the Lutcher-S boat from Orange, Texas. A flag is mounted on the rear. A man is steering the boat across the water near a shed, possible a storage shed for the boat.
[Boating on Adams Bayou]
Photograph of two women and a man canoing on Adams Bayou in Orange, Texas. Spanish moss hangs from the trees nearby.
Bob and Sally Production at Royal Theater
Photograph of the Royal Theater in Orange, Texas in-between presentations of the show, "Bob and Sally". The banner on the theater reads, "Ladies 2 & 7 p.m., Men Only 9 p.m. The World's Most Amazing Attraction, BOB and SALLY, concerning SEX, ALCOHOLISM, and MARRIAGE. In person Roger T. Miles". On the right side of the frame next to the theater is a Liquor Store with a neon sign that reads, "Liquor NO 2" and an old car parked in front of it. Many men are lined up from the right theater door to beyond the liquor store and several women are spilling out of the left theater door. The men are mostly wearing slacks and dress shirts while the women are wearing nice dresses. There is a telephone pole to the right of the theater. A sign that reads, "No Parking" is in front of the theater on the curb.
[Boiler at the Fleet Berthing Facility]
Photograph of four men at a fleet berthing facilities. There are various dials, pipes and metal fixtures around the men. One man is wearing a hard hat and three of the men are in uniform. Front of negative: "Brown & Root Inc. Contract Noy 13234. Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange/Texas. Boiler Operation/Power House 3/28/47 No. 105."
Booth at a Gumbo Cookoff
Photograph of a woman ordering Duck Gumbo at a booth at the 9th Annual International Gumbo Cook-Off at Orange, Texas. It took place from May 18 - 19 in 1984.
[Boy leaning against a rail]
Photograph of a young boy leaning against a moss-covered wooden fence. The boy is holding a long rod.
[Boy Scout Band at the top of Pike's Peak]
Photograph of the Lutcher Stark Boy Scouts' Band atop Pike's Peak in Colorado. They are in uniform and have their musical instruments with them.