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[Downtown Parade]

Description: Photograph of a parade around 1900. Horses pull carts, one carries a man who is talking through a megaphone. Children run alongside of the parade on the street.
Date: 1900~
Item Type: Photograph

[Hobson School Singing Group]

Description: Hobson School Singing Group in 1909. Men, women and children stand in four rows outside the school building holding books. Someone has written on the photo and numbered each individual but the names are not available.
Date: 1909
Item Type: Photograph

Holland Hotel Lobby, 1902

Description: Photograph of the lobby of the Holland Hotel in 1902. On the right side of the frame is circular sofa surrounding a pillar with lanterns, with men in suits and hats sitting on it. Behind that is the front desk and shelves. In the center of the frame is a large, dark staircase with ornate pillars and banisters. Seated on a bench on the side of the stairs are two children, and seated in chairs in front of the stairs are two men. On the left side of the frame are two men reading in chairs and a statue on display. Hanging from the ceiling are three lights.
Date: 1902
Item Type: Photograph