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The 3 A.J. Stuarts

Description: Photograph of the Stuarts family. Three men are shown seated together holding cigars.
Date: unknown

[13 men in front of truck]

Description: Photograph of 13 men beside a truck. Two men are sitting with legs crossed while a man has his hand placed on the top of the automobile.
Date: unknown

[1885 Fire Wagon]

Description: Photograph and description of Orange's volunteer firemen standing by a fire wagon in 1885. This is the oldest known picture of an Orange scene.
Date: 1885

[1917 Pumper]

Description: Photograph of a 1917 Pumper truck that won an award in LaFrance's 150th Anniversary Festivities in Elmira, New York.
Date: 1917

[1920s road conditions]

Description: Photograph of a stalled car in the 1920's There are wagon wheels placed next to a barn on the right.
Date: 1920~

[1946 Softball Championship Trophy]

Description: Photograph of two men holding the Dr. Pepper 1946 Championship Softball Team trophy. A list of team members is held by the man on the left. It reads, "Robert Steele, Herman Nies, Jr.,Wallace Pachar, Ezra Gordon, "Tubby" Johnson, Roy Mazzagate, Michael Blanda, J.P. Hilliard, Lawrence Parkhurst, Michael Romano, Bruce McCleland, J.S. Rougeau, Burton Simar, Woodell Grubbs, Girard Stansbury, Junious Barber, Johnie Archer - Bat Boy."
Date: 1946

[Adam's Bayou]

Description: Aerial photograph of Adam's Bayou showing DuPont Warf Aera.
Date: unknown
Creator: Moon Photographic Service

[Aerial Photo of Highway 87]

Description: Aerial photograph of Highway 87 in Orange, Texas in 1970. Trees and businesses can be seen along with the roads.
Date: unknown

[Aerial Photograph of Residential Orange, Texas]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of Orange, Texas.Top right in picture is the US Navy ship storage facility on the Sabine River.Piers and Decommissioned Navy Ships can be seen. Part of the WWII Riverside housing project can be seen just in front of the ships. The Navy Base and the housing project no longer exist. The road on the left of the picture crosses a bridge at the Sabine River into Louisiana. This road and river crossing is now known as Interstate Highway 10.
Date: unknown
Creator: T.L. Gunn's Studio

[Aerial View of a City]

Description: Aerial photograph of a town with trees, roads, and houses.
Date: July 7, 1948
Creator: B.A. Lang

[Aerial view of A. Schulman Inc.]

Description: Aerial photograph of A. Schulman Inc. There are cars parked in front of the facilities. There is a large water tower in the background.
Date: unknown

[Aerial view of Acheson Plant-Later]

Description: Aerial photograph of the Acheson plant in Orange Texas. There are multiple cars in rows around the facility. There is a building under construction next to the plant.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gunn's Studio

[Aerial View of an Oil Well]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of an oil well. Hand written on the back of the photo is, "Wild cat rig near Orange field late 40s."
Date: unknown
Creator: B.A. Lang Aerial & Industrial Specialist

[Aerial view of Del Dixie canning plant]

Description: Aerial photograph of the "Del Dixie" canning plant in 1950. There is a tall structure next to a small building with two smoke stacks. There is a truck traveling down one of the roads near a train car.
Date: unknown

[Aerial View of Downtown Orange, Texas]

Description: Aerial photograph of the downtown area of Orange, Texas along the Sabine River. On the top left is the County Courthouse.
Date: unknown
Creator: T.L. Gunn's Studio

[Aerial view of farm]

Description: Aerial photograph of a farm. There are multiple buildings, fences, trees, roads and farm animals visible.
Date: unknown