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[1917 Pumper]
Photograph of a 1917 Pumper truck that won an award in LaFrance's 150th Anniversary Festivities in Elmira, New York.
Armistice Day Parade
Photograph of an Armistice Day Parade in Orange, Texas on November 11, 1918. In the foreground is an American flag covered vehicle. A large crowd is moving towards the top of the photograph. Within the crowd are uniformed men, individuals and families. On the bottom left hand corner are wooden beams.
[Business Houses on Front Street]
Photograph of a corner on Front and Fourth Street in Orange, Texas. Horse-drawn carts are on the streets. Where Smith Cleaners is now. Once was the longest bar in Texas. The Stark Building is to the right.
[Christening of the Ship, War Marvel]
Photograph of the christening and launching of the wooden ship, War Marvel, at National Shipbuilding Company in Orange, Texas. A scaffold stands at her bow holding the men and women taking part in the ceremony. Large American flags decorate her prow.
[Community Band at the Depot]
Photograph of the Orange Community Band at the Missouri Pacific Depot. The band is comprised of fifteen men.
[Confederate Veterans]
Photograph of eleven Confederate Veterans at the railroad station for a reunion banquet.
Crowd Waiting on U.S. Navy Torpedo Boats
Photograph of a large crowd with many children on the waterfront waiting for the U.S. Navy Torpedo Boats to arrive in Orange, Texas in 1910. Most of the crowd wears hats and some carry umbrellas. In the foreground is an American Flag. In the background are telephone poles, fences, large buildings and trees.
[Fannie B. Goree]
Photographic portrait of Fannie B. Goree in 1914.
[Fifth and Main]
Photograph of Fifth and Main Streets in Orange, Texas, looking south. First National Bank is to the right and the Wells Fargo Office is to the left. Horse-drawn carriages are in the street.
[Fifth Street in Orange, Texas]
Photograph looking north on Front Street in Orange, Texas in 1911. Lamp posts are on the corners and automobiles drive down the street.
[Fourth of July 1918]
Photograph of men and women at an Independence Day Celebration on July 4, 1918. A large American flag is in the background.
[Fourth of July 1918]
Photograph of men and women at an Independence Day Celebration on July 4, 1918. A large American flag is in the background.
[Fourth of July Event]
Photograph of a group of people at a fourth of July event in 1918. Spectators sit on benches watching speakers on a platform with an American flag behind it.
[Hill Motor Company]
Photograph of the Hill Motor Company in Orange, Texas in 1918. Lined up in front of the building are eleven Fords. The front is landscaped with palm trees.
Holland Tailor Shop
Photograph of the interior of the Holland Tailor Shop at 612 Fourth Street in Orange, Texas. Five men are in the shop. One man is being measured. There are bolts of fabric and illustration of men's suits on the walls. On the back of the photo it states that Harry Merrill is the man taking measurements.
[Home of H.J.L. Stark]
Photograph of the H.J. L Stark home on the corner of Pine and Tenth in Orange, Texas.
[J.O. Sims' House]
Photograph of J.O. Sims' house, looking east, before 1919. There is a railroad track running next to the house and a body of water in the foreground of the picture.
[Katherine Elizabeth Griggs with Easter Lilies]
Photograph of Katherine Elizabeth Griggs holding some Easter Lilies in a garden.
[Katherine Elizabeth Griggs with Easter Lilies]
Photograph of Katherine Elizabeth Griggs holding some Easter Lilies in a garden.
[Launching Platform]
Photograph of seven women and two men on a launching platform that is decorated with flags. A large ship is behind them.
[Loicana Family Wagon]
Photograph of Guy Loicana and his cousin standing by the family wagon and holding a squash.
[Motorized Fire Engine in 1916]
Group of men standing in front of a new motorized fire engine at a fire station in Orange, Texas. George Rexes sits in the driver's seat. Others in the photo include: W.L. Adams, Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Spaull, E.P. Nies, Calvin Stakes, Shorty Gants, A.W. Barron, Wright Roan, George Caldwell, Jack Depew, Joe Crager, Jeff Guill and Dave Moskier.
[Mr. and Mrs. Pruter]
Photograph of Mr and Mrs. Pruter in front of the First Presbyterian Church.
[New Holland Hotel]
Photograph of the New Holland Hotel in Orange, Texas in 1910. The three-story structure has a turret on one corner with a flag pole on top of it. There are palm trees and a gazebo outside the hotel.
[Ochiltree Home on the Sabine River]
Photograph of Col. Hugh Ochiltree's home on the Sabine River in Orange, Texas. It is a two-story house with a turret next to the porch. A boat is moored next to the house. Sam Houston is believed to have stayed in this house.
[Orange Depot]
Photograph of the Orange Depot in 1915. Passengers stand on the platform as the steam engine pulls the train into the station.
[Orange Leader Staffers and Printers in 1915]
Photograph of staffers and printers at the Orange Leader around 1915. Three of them are identified: Matt Larson, far right, Mike Claybar, fourth from right, and Meredith Smith, second from right. They are standing outside the Post Office.
[The Orange Militia]
Photograph of the Orange Rifles (Militia) in front of a restaurant. The men are shown kneeling and standing with rifles. There are people near the entries of the restaurant.
[Orr-Bland Addition]
Photograph of a family standing outside a home. Pictured is a man, a woman and a child. The woman holds black cat. The small home has a chicken-wire fence around it and some small trees in the front yard.
[Parade on Front Street in 1917]
Photograph of a parade coming down Front Street in 1917. Automobiles and men on horseback are followed by a marching band. Spectators line the sidewalks as the parade passes by.
[Photograph of E.W. Bancroft's Yacht "Sylvania"]
Photograph of E.W. Bancroft's yacht, "Sylvania," taken around 1914.
[Photograph of Flooded Main Street]
Photograph of a view of Main Street in Orange, Texas during a flood in 1916. There are people standing in the knee-deep water. Tall telephone poles, houses and trees line the road. A sign is in the foreground on the left side of the frame. "Main St." is written and faded on the right side.
[Photograph of Flooding at Farwell Home in 1915]
Photograph of the floodwaters outside the F.H. Farwell home in 1915. The flooded area is now the parking lot of the Stark Museum. The home became the Little Mexico Restaurant.
Plowed Land, Tractors and Cars
Photograph of a group of men in hats standing on or around old cars, tractors, and buggies. In the foreground is a plowed field. Written on the bottom is, "About 1918".
[St. Mary's Catholic Church]
Photograph of St. Mary's Catholic Church at 905 Cherry Street in Orange, Texas.
[The Stark Building]
Photograph of the Stark Building in Orange, Texas in 1910. It is a two-story brick building. Horse-drawn carriages and carts stand outside in the street.
[Touring Car on a Train]
Photograph of a touring car being transported on a railroad car from Orange, Texas to a vacation site. The owner is probably Lutcher Stark, taken in 1914.
Photograph of two men and the tugboat Smyth. The man standing is named McCarver.
[Two Men in a Pickup Truck in Orangefield]
Photograph of a two men in a vintage pick up truck in Orangefield, Texas in 1917. The truck has wooden spokes. Other automobiles and businesses are in the background.
[View in Fifth Street, Orange, Texas]
Photographic postcard of Fifth Street in Orange, Texas. Horse-drawn carriages are parked on the both sides of the street. A barber shop is on the far left with a city market next-door to it. Awnings cover the sidewalk in front of the businesses. Correspondence on the back of the card reads, "will send this today will rite a letter Sunday got your letter the other day and all so the papers am [ ] I am feeling fine and awfully lazy don't now what I [ ] maybe next I can find something to do all the time. Carrie." It is addressed to Mrs. Daniel Bly in Carterville, Mo. It is postmarked Orange, Tex on Feb 4, 1910.
E.W. and Carl Bancroft
Photograph of E.W. Bancroft and his son, Carl M. Bancroft standing on a grassy curb in front of an old automobile. E.W. Bancroft is wearing a dark suit with a vest, necktie and hat. Carl Bancroft is wearing a navy uniform with a hat. Behind the car are telephone poles and wires, a tree and a house.
[E.W. Brown and Calvin Stakes work on an Automobile]
Photograph of E.W.Brown, Jr. of Orange and Calvin Stakes (in overalls) of Vinton working on an automobile, a 1913 Hupmobile convertible. The headlights are on the grass in front of them.
[War Marvel]
Photograph of the wooden-hulled ship, War Marvel, just after being launched. The photo shows her stern. There are tugboats moving her in the Sabine River and docks to the left side. Flags decorate her deck.
[War Marvel in the Water]
Photograph of the ship "War Marvel" in the river near Orange, Texas. The ship is decorated with flags. Two tugboats are working to move her. Two people are in a rowboat near her bow.