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[1920s road conditions]

Description: Photograph of a stalled car in the 1920's There are wagon wheels placed next to a barn on the right.
Date: 1920~

[Atlantic Roustabouts]

Description: Photograph of four men standing by an oil derrick with a large crank behind them. Written on the photo is, "Atlantic Roustabouts, H.B. Phillips, Foreman, Orangefield, Texas"
Date: 1920~

[Celebration in Stark Park]

Description: Photograph of large celebration. There are many people standing and seated at a long table . There is an American flag on the right side of the photograph and other people in front of houses in the background. Front of photograph: "#22 Celebration in Stark Park. Occasion unknown. Early 1920's. Stark carriage house in background."
Date: 1920~/1929~

[Deer Hunting in Tyler County]

Description: Photograph of five people in a buckboard wagon pulled by two horses through some trees. Writing on the back indicates this is a deer hunting expedition in Tyler County in 1926.
Date: 1926

[Fifth and Front Street]

Description: Photograph of Fifth and Front Streets in Orange, Texas. There are cars parked and driving on the street. There is a set of tracks in front of the building.
Date: 1920~

[Frenzel Cafe in Orangefield]

Description: Photograph of the Frenzel Cafe in Orangefield, Texas. In front of the cafe are Eddie Frenzel Jr., Eddie Frenzel, Sr. and Ruby. The picture is from the early 1920s.
Date: 1921~

[Gas Blowout at Orangefield, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a derrick with steam shooting up from it. Description on the photo reads, "Gas blowout, July 29, 1921, Orange, Texas, Tremendous fog of gas, sand, rock, and oil. Could be seen and heard for ten miles. Hogan"
Date: July 29, 1921

[Gus Foyle]

Description: Photograph of Gus Foyle as a young boy in 1920.
Date: 1920

[Ladies in decorated automobile]

Description: Photograph of a group of ladies in a decorated Buick. There is an episcopal church in the background behind the car. Early 1920s.
Date: 1920~

[Log Cabin Gas Station]

Description: Photograph of a log cabin filling station and sandwich shop at the east end of Green Avenue near the Sabine River.
Date: 1929~

[Men and a Dog by an Oil Derrick]

Description: Photograph of twelve men and a dog at the base of an oil derrick in Orangefield, Texas around 1920. The man 2nd from the left is Tom Toal, Sr., 7th from left is Oscar Winfree, 8th from left is Charlie Schriebner, 11th from left is Dave Craft. They worked for the Toal Independent Oil Company.
Date: 1920~
Creator: Ward Jaycox

[Men in Orangefield]

Description: Photograph of four men turned from the camera and one man laying on the deck. Written on the photo, "K.O.'d. Wood alcohol and fists (No he is not dead) Orange Oil Field Tex."
Date: 1920~

[Mother & Daughter in Camp Fire Costumes]

Description: Photograph of Catherine Elizabeth Brown Griggs (daughter) and Nacy Grace Griggs (Mother) in Camp Fire Girls' Native American costumes. They are bent down in a pose.
Date: 1920~

[Orange Ice Light Water and Refrigeration Co.]

Description: Photograph of the Orange Ice Light Water & Refrigeration Co. located on Front Street. There are railroad tracks and cars in front of the facility.
Date: 1922/1923
Creator: Ward Jaycox