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[Automobile Parked outside of Post Office]
Photograph of Ellison Crew and an automobile outside of the Post Office in Orange, Texas. The vehicle is loaded with bags of mail.
Dr. Phillip's Residence
Photograph of Dr. Phillip's residence. The residence is a two-story Victorian style home. There is a porch with a stoop and a balcony. Surrounding the house is mowed lawn and trees.
Five Loving Cups on a Table Outside
Photograph of five trophies on top of a small table outside. The trophies are called "Loving Cups". Behind the table is a large lawn and in the background a row of trees and houses.
[Mr. Lutcher Stark]
Photograph of Mr. Lutcher Stark taken from the 1937 annual, the Orange Peel.
[Orange High School, Senior Class of 1932 -1933]
Photograph of the Senior Class of 1932 -1933 at Orange High School in Orange, Texas. The students wear their caps & gowns before a backdrop of a wooded landscape.
[R.B. Goree and employees]
Photograph of R.B. Goree standing in his drug store with his employees in 1938. L-R, Fred Condry, R.B. Goree, Lucele Moore, Nelson. Counters and glass cases that are filled with items surround them.
Robert Turpin
Robert Turpin wearing a suit in an unknown room.
[Women at Stark House]
Photograph of five women standing in the front yard of the Stark House in Orange, Texas. The women are L-R: Mrs. W.H. Stark, Mrs. E.W. Bancroft (age 91), Mrs. Jerry Stark, Mrs. Cheatham, and Mrs. Howe.