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Dr. Phillip's Residence

Description: Photograph of Dr. Phillip's residence. The residence is a two-story Victorian style home. There is a porch with a stoop and a balcony. Surrounding the house is mowed lawn and trees.
Date: September 25, 1938

Five Loving Cups on a Table Outside

Description: Photograph of five trophies on top of a small table outside. The trophies are called "Loving Cups". Behind the table is a large lawn and in the background a row of trees and houses.
Date: 1937

[Mr. Lutcher Stark]

Description: Photograph of Mr. Lutcher Stark taken from the 1937 annual, the Orange Peel.
Date: 1937

[R.B. Goree and employees]

Description: Photograph of R.B. Goree standing in his drug store with his employees in 1938. L-R, Fred Condry, R.B. Goree, Lucele Moore, Nelson. Counters and glass cases that are filled with items surround them.
Date: 1938

Robert Turpin

Description: Robert Turpin wearing a suit in an unknown room.
Date: 1930~

[Women at Stark House]

Description: Photograph of five women standing in the front yard of the Stark House in Orange, Texas. The women are L-R: Mrs. W.H. Stark, Mrs. E.W. Bancroft (age 91), Mrs. Jerry Stark, Mrs. Cheatham, and Mrs. Howe.
Date: 1935