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[1961 Lincoln Continental in Showroom]
Photograph of a new 1961 Lincoln Continental in an automobile dealer's showroom.
[1961 Lincoln Continental in Showroom]
Photograph of a new 1961 Lincoln Continental in an automobile dealer's showroom.
[Aerial View of Chemical Row in Orange, Texas]
Aerial photograph of the chemical plants on Chemical Row in Orange, Texas. The Sabine River is in the background.
[Aerial view of Gulf Oil Co.]
Aerial photograph of the Gulf Oil Company facilities in Orange, Texas.
[Aerial View of Orange, Texas]
Aerial photograph of Orange, Texas. Roads, wooded areas and developed areas can be seen. The Sabine River is on the right side (east of the city.
[Anderson School]
Photograph of the Anderson School in Orange, Texas in 1961. Mary Lynn Weir was principal at that time.
[Congressman Jack Brooks and Two Men at the US Supreme Court]
Signed photograph of Jack Brooks (center), member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas's 2nd congressional district. He stands between two men in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.
[Firestone Employees at Exhibit]
Photograph of Firestone employees at an exhibit with their families.
[First Baptist Church during the Christmas Season 1966]
Photograph of the First Baptist Church in Orange, Texas. Christmas decorations hang in front of it along Green Avenue in November 1966.
[First Presbyterian Church]
Photograph of the First Presbyterian Church in Orange, Texas from the west side. This building is also know as the Lutcher Memorial Building because it was was planned, built and underwritten by Mrs. Henry Jacob (Frances Ann) Lutcher as a memorial to the Henry Jacob Lutcher Family. It is an example of classic Greek Revival architecture, completed in 1912. It was one of the earliest air-conditioned buildings in the United States. The church has a large copper dome, large granite Corinthian columns on the front, and exquisite stained-glass windows. An intricate wrought-iron fence surrounds the property.
[Man playing cards]
Photograph of E.L. Reid at a casino party. Reid is shown wearing a hat and playing a game.
[Opening of the Sabine Power Plant]
Photograph of a group of men and women attending the opening of the Sabine Power Plant in Bridge City, Texas.
[Quarter Horse named Paulesa]
Photograph of a dapple gray quarter horse named Paulesa, from the side.
[Rebecca Flickinger Receives an Award]
Photograph and short article of Rebecca Flickinger as she receives the "School Bell Award" in 1968 at the Texas State Teachers Association convention.
[Rose MacFarlane]
Color photograph of Rose MacFarlane, wife of C.W. MacFarlane. She wears a pink shirt.