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Firestone Petrochemical Center

Description: Photograph of a building site for a Firestone Petrochemical Center. In the foreground is grass leading to a chain-link fence. Behind the fence is a sign that reads, "Site for Firestone Petrochemical Center, Butadiene Plant". In the background are piles of dirt, towers, smokestacks, cranes and wires.
Date: unknown
Creator: T.L. Gunn's Studio

[Postcard of Flooded Street]

Description: Postcard of a street corner after a flood. There are children playing in the water as women watch from the stairs of a nearby house. Handwritten on the back of the postcard is, "Facing south on ninth at Green Ave. Keppler house on the right."
Date: unknown

Barge Built by Orange Car and Steel

Description: Photograph of a river barge with a large crane on the right side of the frame. There are eleven workers in hats standing on top of the barge. In the foreground are steel beams and canisters amongst weeds. Typed on a piece of paper that is glued to the bottom of the mat is, "This is a barge, which is one of three we built for the U.S. Government in 1924. It was an all rivet barge made by the Orange Car and Steel. Mr Ben Glover was Shop foreman. It was built about half way from the shop and Livingston's ship yard. I worked as a fitter."
Date: unknown