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Two Men, Smokestack, and Slough

Description: Photograph of a tin building with a large smokestack next to a water slough. A man is standing in the doorway of the building and another man is standing on a wooden walkway next to the slough. In the foreground are weeds and in the background are tall trees.
Date: unknown

[Two-sided photo album page]

Description: Two-sided album page. L to R, F to B 1. Photograph of a baby in white. 2. Photograph of a man in uniform and baby. The man is holding the baby and the baby is dressed in white. There is a house in the background. 3. Photograph of a baby laying on a bed. 4. Photograph of a woman holding a child. There are flowers in the background. 5. Photograph of a woman holding a child while sitting in a wicker chair. There is a piano behind the woman and child. 6. Photograph of a baby being given a bottle.
Date: unknown

Two Women and One Man Seated Outside

Description: Photograph of Alyce and Tom Howell and an unnamed friend. Alyce Cheatham Howell is on the left side of the frame next to Tom Howell and the other woman is kneeling and we see her profile. The women are wearing white dresses and large hats and Mr. Howell wears a pinstripe suit, bow tie and a hat. In the background are tall trees and shrubs.
Date: unknown