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[Photograph of G.H. & H. Track in Galveston After 1900 Flood]
Photograph of raised railroad tracks after the Galveston Flood in 1900. In the foreground are normal railroad tracks.
Company 87, 14th Battalion at Camp Wallace, Texas
Group picture of sailors of the Company 87, 14th Battalion at Camp Wallace, Texas.
George Bancroft
Photograph of George Bancroft Sr. as a young man. He is wearing a jacket with a dark collar with brass buttons, a white shirt and a bow tie. His hair is light and slicked back. On the bottom of the photograph are the words, "Rose, Galveston".
[The Physeter Macrocephalus Sperm Whale]
Color postcard depicting the Physeter Macrocephalus Sperm Whale beached near Beaumont, Texas. The description on the back of the postcard reads, "This Physeter Macrocephalus Sperm Whale was caught in the Gulf of Mexico 35 miles from Beaumont Texas. His dimensions are: Length 63 feet 6 inches.; Width if tail 16 feet 7 inches; Circumference of snout at end 31 feet; Circumference at back of eyes 37 feet; Length of lower jaw 10 feet 10 inches." Correspondence on the card reads, "Hello! mama, Roll-over is it finest place you ever saw. We went bathing as soon as we got here. Tell Charlie hello for me/ Blanche" It is addressed to Mrs. W.E. Reynolds, 1345 Magnolia Ave., Beaumont, Texas and is postmarked Caplan, Texas on July 3, 1921.