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Eugene, Arthur and Mrs. Thomas Bancroft

Description: Photograph of Mrs. Thomas Bancroft and her two sons, Eugene William Bancroft on her right and Arthur J. Bancroft on her left. Mrs. Bancroft is wearing a dark dress, white gloves, lace collar and a bonnet with a large bow tied underneath her chin. She has her arm around Eugene who is wearing a dark dress with white collar. Arthur is wearing a dark outfit with white collar.
Date: 1858

[Bancroft Family]

Description: Oval photo of Mrs. Thomas Bancroft with her sons, Eugene and Arthur. She wears a bonnet with lace around the opening. She is seated between her sons.
Date: 1861~

Bancroft Shingle Mill Crew in 1880

Description: Photograph of the Bancroft Shingle Mill Crew. There are twenty-seven men, all standing except seven who are seated. One row of men are standing on the ground and the other row is on a platform behind them. The men are wearing button-up shirts, some are wearing vests, suspenders or jackets and all except one are wearing hats. In the foreground are wooden beams and bits of wood. Written on or above some of the men are the numbers 1 through 10.
Date: 1880

[Steamboat Pearl Plant]

Description: Photograph of steamboat "Pearl Plant" near Front at Third Street. There are many people on the decks on the boat. The steamboat has two large smoke stacks. There is a man smoking a pipe on the bottom left of the photograph.
Date: 1880~/1889~

[1885 Fire Wagon]

Description: Photograph and description of Orange's volunteer firemen standing by a fire wagon in 1885. This is the oldest known picture of an Orange scene.
Date: 1885

Allie Bland's House and Cove School

Description: Photograph of the Cove School at left and Ms. Allie Bland's house on the right. There is a white-picket fence surrounding the yard of the house and the school. In front of the fence is a man in a dark suit and hat. Within the house yard are two women in long skirts and a man in a vest and hat. There are large trees with moss surrounding the buildings.
Date: 1885

[Employees of T. Bancroft and Sons Shingle Mill]

Description: Employees of T. Bancroft and Sons Shingle Mill, Orange, Texas. Photo was taken in front of Dry Kiln at the rear of the mill in 1885. Top Row: George W. Bancroft, McKinley, Edwin "Tiny" Rosenbaum, Bob Mickelborough. George W. Curtis, Jim Fuller, Cal Bonneau, Edward Rosenbaum. Middle Row: E.W. Bancroft, Al Anderson, Trav Smith, Ashborn, Jim Childers, W.H. Ogden. Bottom Row: Palmer, Pombeff, Milton Holley, John Dupont, John Taylor, Mark Godwin, Eli Davis, Will McKinley, Joe Signoret, Trahan.
Date: 1885
Creator: The Fox Co.

[Orange Jail, 1888]

Description: Photograph of the Orange Jail in 1888. It is a small building on the river's edge.
Date: 1888

[Crescent City Saloon]

Description: Photograph of men standing outside the Crescent City Saloon on the corner of Fourth and Front Streets in Orange, Texas.
Date: August 18, 1888
Location Info:

[Hanging Tree - Orange, Texas]

Description: Sepia photograph picturing a lynching in the "hanging tree" at Fifth and Front Street in Orange, Texas in 1888. Across the street is a saloon. Many spectators are watching, including children. A steam engine is standing by in the background.
Date: August 18, 1888

[First Presbyterian Church]

Description: Photograph of First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Market and Polk in Orange, Texas, prior to 1900. It is a wooden building with a tall steeple.
Date: 1890~

Mrs. A.J. Bancroft and Son Arthur

Description: Studio photograph of Mrs. A.J. Bancroft and her son Arthur. She is standing and wearing a dark dress with a jacket, leather gloves, a scarf and decorative hat. Arthur is seated in an elaborately carved chair and wearing a suit with a vest and necktie. His hair is white and he has a mustache. Mrs. Bancroft's hand is on her son's arm. Printed across the bottom of the mat is, "Sellman & Co. The Studio, Huddersfield and St. Annes on the sea."
Date: 1893
Creator: Sellman and Company

School Children in 1894

Description: Photograph of a group of twenty-five schoolchildren posed with their female teacher. There are fourteen girls and eleven boys. The girls wear dresses, four wear pinafores, and one has bows in her hair. The boys wear knickers with jackets and large collars. The school teacher wears a black dress. Behind the group is dark open doorway and a shuttered window.
Date: 1894

[Photograph of Orange, Texas in 1895]

Description: Photograph of Fifth and Main Street location in Orange, Texas in 1895. Main was only a bayou crossed by the Fifth Street bridge. The First Baptist Church is under construction in the background. Wooden fences surround nearby homes.
Date: 1895

[Snow Scene]

Description: Photograph of a rare occurrence in Orange, Texas, a snowy day. Trees, homes and yards are blanketed in snow during the winter of 1895.
Date: 1895

[Annie Bancroft]

Description: Oval photograph of Annie Bancroft printed on cardboard.
Date: 1898

[H.J. Lutcher Home]

Description: Photograph of the H.J. Lutcher home in Orange, Texas around 1898. A horse and carriage stand in the road by the house.
Date: 1898~

[Old Wingate Sawmill on the Sabine River]

Description: Photograph of the Sabine River at Orange, Texas in 1898. In the center is the old Wingate Sawmill, to the right are three ketch-type sailboats that are gaff rigged near the bank.
Date: 1898

[Aerial View of Homes in Orange, Texas]

Description: Aerial photograph of homes in Orange, Texas. Many of the homes have porches. One has a large rain barrel in its backyard. An automobile can be seen going down one of the streets.
Date: 1900~

[Downtown Parade]

Description: Photograph of a parade around 1900. Horses pull carts, one carries a man who is talking through a megaphone. Children run alongside of the parade on the street.
Date: 1900~