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Bengal Guards on Train to Chicago

Description: Photograph of the Bengal Guard on a train to Chicago. There are at least eleven women wearing light-colored coveralls with the words, "Bengal Guard, Orange, Tex." printed on the back. In the center is Lewis Gay, a man in a cowboy hat, boots, western shirt and tie leaning over another man with a small girl on his lap. Lewis Gay was the Drill Master of the Bengal Guards in the late 1930s. Another girl sits on the lap of a woman on the right side of the frame. Some of the women wear head scarves, jewelry, or glasses. In the lower left corner is an open magazine. Behind the group are open wooden blinds and a lamp is on the wall. Everybody is smiling.
Date: 1940/1941
Item Type: Photograph

[Holland Hotel]

Description: Photograph of the Holland hotel. There is a car parked in front of the hotel and a cable coming from the side of the building. There is an "Orange Chamber of Commerce" sign on the right of the image.
Date: 1940~
Creator: B.A. Lang
Item Type: Photograph

[Joe Molly's "The Whang Doodle"]

Description: Photograph of a young woman standing in front of Joe Molly's "The Whang Doodle" a soda fountain in Orange, Texas. There are venetian blinds in the windows and a double screen door on the entrance. A neon sign above the door reads, "Home of the Whang Doodle, 5 cents, Fountain Service" The woman is wearing a dark dress with a white collar and cuffs.
Date: 1941
Item Type: Photograph

[Hillard Building]

Description: Photograph of a brick building in the 1940s with glass tiles on a curved corner with the name "Hilliard" on it.
Date: 1942~
Item Type: Photograph

Several People in Goree Drug Store

Description: Photograph of eight men and one woman standing in the Goree Drug Store. Six of the men are wearing suits and ties, and one man is wearing cowboy boots. The woman is wearing a dark skirt and white blouse. Two of the men in front of the group are handing off a piece of paper. The man on the left side of the frame has a cigar in his mouth. The group is surrounded by glass cabinets filled with goods. On a shelf in the background are framed certificates and on the wall above them is an American flag. Hanging from the ceiling is a ceiling fan and a fluorescent light.
Date: April 1, 1942
Item Type: Photograph

[Company D, Texas State Guard]

Description: Photograph of Company D. 43rd Bn. Texas State Guard, Riot Duty - Beaumont, Tex. June 16th - 20th 1943. The soldiers stand in their uniforms outside a building in Beaumont. Front Row L-R, kneeling: Bill Stringer, H.S. Peterson, Scotty Jackson, Forrest Bass, Dick Terry, John Norwood, Douglas Peterson, Leroy Boehme, Frank Holloran, Dexter Shelly. Rear L-R, standing: Lawrence W. Hustmyre (company captain), Dr. Frank Hubert, Cecil Cole (postmaster), "Jiggs" Cormier, unknown, unknown, W.J. Mullins, unknown, Fred Mullins, E.D. Short, Henry Lee Woodworth.
Date: June 1943
Item Type: Photograph

[Launch Party at Weaver Shipyards]

Description: Photograph of the launching party at Weaver Shipyards in Orange, Texas on June, 24, 1943. Seventeen men, women, and children stand at the bow of a new ship, designated YMS252. The women all wear corsages and hats.
Date: June 24, 1943
Item Type: Photograph

[Orange National Bank]

Description: Photograph of Orange National Bank on the corner of Main and Fifth Streets. This is a two-story building with Corinthian columns on the front of it. Automobiles are in the streets outside the building.
Date: 1944~
Creator: Clough's
Item Type: Photograph

[Elridge Hubert, 1945]

Description: Portrait photograph of Elridge Hubert in his military uniform in 1945. The name "Elridge" is inscribed below the matted photo.
Date: 1945
Item Type: Photograph

[Orange City Hospital]

Description: Photograph of the Orange City Hospital at Burton and Twentieth Streets in 1945. There are three cars in the parking lot. Trees with Spanish moss are in the foreground.
Date: 1945
Creator: Lawless and Son
Item Type: Photograph