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[Construction at fleet berthing facility]

Description: Photograph of construction at the fleet berthing facilities in Orange, Texas. There is a motorboat docked along the shoreline in the foreground. Text in the lower-right corner says: "Brown & Root Inc. Contract Noy 13234. Fleet berthing facilities Orange, Texas. View of Const. from across river Opp. Pier 6. 7/19/46 No. 61."
Date: July 19, 1946

W.E. Lea Home

Description: Photograph of the old W.E. Lea Mansion in Orange, Texas. The home has a large wrap-around porch and balcony with a smaller balcony on the third story. In the front and around the sides are columns. There are several tall trees around the house and a fence that surrounds it. Lined up in front of the house on the street are old fire trucks and in front of those are many men in dark suits with ties and hats and also some firemen in uniform. Typed across the top of the photograph is, "GREEN AVENUE MANSION - The First Baptist Church Youth Building now sits on the site where once a majestic mansion stood on Green Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets. It originally came from Sholars heirs to Lou Bettis. It was remodeled by George Bancroft and later became the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lea. Still later it became Noguess Mortuary. It was torn down in 1959 to make way for the Baptists building. Occasion for line-up of firemen and trucks unknown.
Date: unknown

Fire Department and Firemen

Description: Photograph of four firemen standing on or beside two firetrucks. They are wearing button-up short-sleeve shirts with pants and boots. On the doors of the trucks are the words, "Orange Fire Dept. 15". The word, "Pierce" is on the front of the truck within a circle. The trucks are parked in front of two garages of the fire department. The words, "Central Fire" are on top of the garage doors. In the background is a domed roof, treetops, and telephone poles. Typed across the bottom of the mat is, "LATEST PUMPERS - Modern lime green pumpers are the latest additions to the Orange Fire Department. Newer equipment now used by firefighters is in marked contrast to 1900."
Date: unknown