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Dr. Burr Family

Description: Family portrait of the Dr. Burr family. There are four men and four women. Three of the women are seated. One wears a white blouse and skirt, the elderly woman in the center wears a black dress and glasses and looks at the camera, and the other seated woman wears a dress with a dark shawl with lace. The young standing woman wears a dark dress with white lace and a bow. The men stand behind the seated women and wear dark suits with ties. They are in-between four potted ferns that sit on top of doily-covered tables. The room is wallpapered and there is a rug on the floor. Written on the bottom border is, "Mahoney".
Date: unknown
Creator: Mahoney

Dr. S.W. Sholars

Description: Studio portrait of the best of Dr. S.W. Sholars. He is wearing a white shirt, dark jacket, and a bow tie. He has a large mustache and long beard. Written across the bottom is, "Dr. S.W. Sholars".
Date: unknown

Dr. S.M. Brown Residence

Description: Photograph of Dr. S.M. Brown's residence. The house is one-story with a front porch and a large white picket fence surrounding the house and the tree-filled yard. In the foreground is tall grass and puddles. In the lower right-hand corner are railroad tracks. Written on the photograph is, "Dr S.M. Brown Res. Front St. To Freight Depot, To Adams Bayou."
Date: unknown

Young Man in Suit with Chair

Description: Studio portrait of a young man wearing a suit with a vest, pocket watch, and large white bow tie. He is standing with his left hand on a wooden chair in front of him. There is a fake backdrop behind him with flowers on it. Printed on the bottom border is, "Dr. W.E. Handler, Orange, Tex."
Date: unknown
Creator: Handler, W.E.

George Bancroft

Description: Photograph of George Bancroft Sr. as a young man. He is wearing a jacket with a dark collar with brass buttons, a white shirt and a bow tie. His hair is light and slicked back. On the bottom of the photograph are the words, "Rose, Galveston".
Date: unknown
Creator: Rose, P.H.

[Employees of T. Bancroft and Sons Shingle Mill]

Description: Employees of T. Bancroft and Sons Shingle Mill, Orange, Texas. Photo was taken in front of Dry Kiln at the rear of the mill in 1885. Top Row: George W. Bancroft, McKinley, Edwin "Tiny" Rosenbaum, Bob Mickelborough. George W. Curtis, Jim Fuller, Cal Bonneau, Edward Rosenbaum. Middle Row: E.W. Bancroft, Al Anderson, Trav Smith, Ashborn, Jim Childers, W.H. Ogden. Bottom Row: Palmer, Pombeff, Milton Holley, John Dupont, John Taylor, Mark Godwin, Eli Davis, Will McKinley, Joe Signoret, Trahan.
Date: 1885
Creator: The Fox Co.

Annie Gore in her Mother's Yard in Orange, Texas

Description: Photograph of Annie Gore standing outdoors in a garden. She is wearing a dark skirt, white blouse, hat and holding a wicker basket full of flowers. She is standing in front of a porch with a banister. In front of the porch are tall rose bushes. Written across the bottom of the photograph is, "Annie Gore in her Mothers yard. Orange - Tex."
Date: unknown

Enochs, M.S.

Description: Studio photograph M.S. Enoch. He is wearing a dark suit with a vest, high collar and plaid cravat. His hair is parted in the center and slicked down. On the bottom of the mat are the words, "Thuss, 230 N. Cherry St., Nashville, Tenn."
Date: unknown
Creator: W.G. and A.J. Thuss

Mrs. A.J. Bancroft and Son Arthur

Description: Studio photograph of Mrs. A.J. Bancroft and her son Arthur. She is standing and wearing a dark dress with a jacket, leather gloves, a scarf and decorative hat. Arthur is seated in an elaborately carved chair and wearing a suit with a vest and necktie. His hair is white and he has a mustache. Mrs. Bancroft's hand is on her son's arm. Printed across the bottom of the mat is, "Sellman & Co. The Studio, Huddersfield and St. Annes on the sea."
Date: 1893
Creator: Sellman and Company

[Group at Manitou Colorado]

Description: Group of visitors at a resort in Manitou Colorado. Men and women sit on donkeys, children sit in a cart pulled by a horse, a small burro is standing in the center of the photo with a man holding it. A few people sit on the large porch near the office in thew background. The name "Eugene" is handwritten below the photo.
Date: unknown


Description: Photograph of a riverfront. Many people stand on the dock along the river's edge. A large Naval steamship is in the center of the photo and smaller boats are docked to the right. A city is seen in the background.
Date: unknown