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Elmo and Cleo Creamer

Description: Photograph of two young siblings named Elmo and Cleo Creamer. Elmo is standing next the wooden chair that Cleo is sitting on. They are both wearing white smocks. Elmo is wearing a dark belt, white stockings and black shoes. Cleo is wearing white socks and black shoes.
Date: unknown

Lillian Adams Manley

Description: Studio portrait of Lillian Adams (Manley). She is standing behind a dark chair with a woven back. She is holding a handbag and a matted photograph of a woman in a hat. She is wearing a white dress and a necklace.
Date: unknown

Dr. S.W. Sholars

Description: Studio portrait of the best of Dr. S.W. Sholars. He is wearing a white shirt, dark jacket, and a bow tie. He has a large mustache and long beard. Written across the bottom is, "Dr. S.W. Sholars".
Date: unknown

Dr. S.M. Brown Residence

Description: Photograph of Dr. S.M. Brown's residence. The house is one-story with a front porch and a large white picket fence surrounding the house and the tree-filled yard. In the foreground is tall grass and puddles. In the lower right-hand corner are railroad tracks. Written on the photograph is, "Dr S.M. Brown Res. Front St. To Freight Depot, To Adams Bayou."
Date: unknown

Young Man in Suit with Chair

Description: Studio portrait of a young man wearing a suit with a vest, pocket watch, and large white bow tie. He is standing with his left hand on a wooden chair in front of him. There is a fake backdrop behind him with flowers on it. Printed on the bottom border is, "Dr. W.E. Handler, Orange, Tex."
Date: unknown
Creator: Handler, W.E.

Holland Tailor Shop

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Holland Tailor Shop at 612 Fourth Street in Orange, Texas. Five men are in the shop. One man is being measured. There are bolts of fabric and illustration of men's suits on the walls. On the back of the photo it states that Harry Merrill is the man taking measurements.
Date: 1917

Aileen Stratton Merkle

Description: Photograph of Aileen Stratton Merkle standing in front of a wire fence with bushes behind it. She is wearing a light-colored dress, shoes, and stockings and a necklace. She is holding papers. Behind her are trees and wooden structures.
Date: unknown