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Shrine Parade

Description: Photograph of the Shrine Parade in Orange, Texas. Two men on horses are riding through the center of the street with a marching band behind them. Many people and children are lining the street and two people hold bicycles. In the background are trees and a large two-story building with an awning and banners.
Date: unknown

S.P. Depot in Orange, Texas

Description: Photograph of the S.P. train depot in Orange, Texas. On the left side of the frame is a pole and a horse-less buggy on a patch of grass. In front of the depot is another buggy and a man facing it. He is wearing a suit and a hat. In the background are trees and buildings. There is a sign on the depot that reads, "ORANGE".
Date: unknown

Parlor of the Elks Club in the Bancroft Building

Description: Photograph of the parlor of the Elks Club in the Bancroft Building in Orange, Texas. There is a circle sofa with a fringed pillow on top of it on the left side of the frame. Against the right side of the wall are two doorways, a rocking chair, an easy chair, a desk, and a piano with a stool. The three doorways have elaborate curtains over them. Written across the bottom of the photograph is, "Parlor of the Elks Club in Bancroft Building".
Date: unknown

Picnic and Model-T Ford

Description: Photograph of a large group of people, mostly children, picnicking. The little girls wear dresses, some are checkered and some wear bonnets or bows. The adult men wear suits with ties and some wear hats. In the foreground is a metal basin and in the background is a Model-T Ford. Behind that is a small building and many trees.
Date: unknown