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A.J. and Mette Petrea Jorgensen

Description: Photograph of A.J.and Mette Petrea Jorgensen. They are standing next to each other outdoors and both are smiling. She has white hair and is wearing a white blouse, white skirt, and a brooch at the waist. He has a white beard and is wearing a white shirt, necktie, slacks, belt and watch chain. Behind them are flowers, bushes, trees and a gazebo.
Date: unknown

Grace and Hazel Reeves with Friend

Description: Photograph of Grace and Hazel Reeves with friend whose last name is Yates. The three women are seated on a bench with the middle woman's legs on the opposite side of the other two. The woman on the right wears a dress with a large collar and a scarf, the other women wear long skirts with white blouses and one wears a belt and a scarf. Directly behind them is a tree and behind that is a picket fence with several trees and a two story house.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hogan, V.W.

Charity Circus in Orange, Texas

Description: Photograph of a group of nine costumed people standing on a dirt road wearing large baggy clothing, face paint, and pointed hats. Further down the road is a man dressed in a kilt and a man in a clown costume riding a horse thats pulling a buggy. In the background is a two story brick building and behind that is a telephone pole, telephone wires, and trees.
Date: unknown

Oil Drilling Crew

Description: Photograph of five men that are part of a drilling crew at Orangefield in Orange, Texas. All are wearing coveralls with gloves and hats. They are standing on a part of large machinery. Typed and taped on the bottom of the mat is, "Orangefield during the boom. This is a typical drilling crew."
Date: unknown