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People Leaving the Methodist Church at Terry

Description: Photograph of a group of people walking out of the Methodist Church at Terry. There are five women walking towards the viewer. They are wearing long dresses, high heels, and hats. One woman is holding a piece of paper over her head. A group of girls in dresses are standing on the porch of the church. Others are coming out of the screen doors. A man in a tie is standing on the left side of the frame. There are bushes in front and on the side of the church.
Date: unknown

Family Portrait

Description: Family portrait of Mr. H.J. Lutcher, Mr. W.H. Stark, Mrs. H.J. Lutcher (Frances Ann), Mrs. W.H. Starks, and H.J.L. Starks. The two women are seated and wearing white blouses and dark skirts. The two men stand behind the women, one has a mustache and the other has a large beard. Standing in the center is a young laughing boy. The wallpapered wall behind them has three framed paintings hanging on it. There is a lamp on the left side of the frame. Written on the photograph are circled numbers corresponding to their names on the back of the photo.
Date: unknown

Two Women and One Man Seated Outside

Description: Photograph of Alyce and Tom Howell and an unnamed friend. Alyce Cheatham Howell is on the left side of the frame next to Tom Howell and the other woman is kneeling and we see her profile. The women are wearing white dresses and large hats and Mr. Howell wears a pinstripe suit, bow tie and a hat. In the background are tall trees and shrubs.
Date: unknown

Elizabeth Neff

Description: Studio photograph of Elizabeth Neff. She is wearing a dark dress with a collar, a pearl necklace and a wedding ring. Her arms are propped up and crossed. Her hair dark, wavy, and parted on the side. There is a dark curtain behind her on the left side of the frame.
Date: unknown

Dr. James Saunders

Description: Photograph of Mrs. L.B. Adams, Lillian Adams, and Bernard Adams fishing off a bridge over a creek or river. Mrs. L.B. Adams is wearing a dark skirt and white blouse and holding the hand of Bernard Adams. Lillian Adams is wearing a white dress and bonnet. In the foreground is a barbed-wire fence and tree limbs and in the background are many trees.
Date: unknown

George Bancroft

Description: Photograph of George Bancroft Sr. as a young man. He is wearing a jacket with a dark collar with brass buttons, a white shirt and a bow tie. His hair is light and slicked back. On the bottom of the photograph are the words, "Rose, Galveston".
Date: unknown
Creator: Rose, P.H.

Eugene, Arthur and Mrs. Thomas Bancroft

Description: Photograph of Mrs. Thomas Bancroft and her two sons, Eugene William Bancroft on her right and Arthur J. Bancroft on her left. Mrs. Bancroft is wearing a dark dress, white gloves, lace collar and a bonnet with a large bow tied underneath her chin. She has her arm around Eugene who is wearing a dark dress with white collar. Arthur is wearing a dark outfit with white collar.
Date: 1858

Robert B. Goree

Description: Photograph of Robert B. Goree from the bust up. He is wearing a dark suit with a vest and a bow tie. At the bottom of the photograph are the words, "Wilson & Parks, Navasota, Texas".
Date: unknown
Creator: Wilson & Parks