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[Boy with a Cane]
Photographic portrait of a young boy dressed in white holding a thin cane. A banister with flowers is in the background.
[Gulf Refining Co. Service Station]
Photograph of a Gulf Refining Co. service station. It is a brick building with a covered drive up area. The station has three tall gas pumps. Three attendants stand in front of the building wearing uniforms.
[Sunset Country Club]
Photograph of a building at the Sunset Country Club. Wicker chairs sit near a stone wall with flowers growing on it. The building has a screened porch.
[First Presbyterian Church]
Photograph of First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Market and Polk in Orange, Texas, prior to 1900. It is a wooden building with a tall steeple.
[St. Mary's Catholic Church]
Photograph of St. Mary's Catholic Church at 905 Cherry Street in Orange, Texas.
[Old Post Office]
Old Post Office at the corner of Fourth and Main in Orange, Texas.
[Orange Rice Mill]
Photograph of the Orange Rice Mill on the Sabine River in 1903.
[Parade Going Down Fifth Street]
Photograph of a parade heading south on Fifth Street, through the downtown district of Orange, Texas. Children are marching and carrying a banner that reads, "Orange Rotary Club". They are followed by a number of fire engines.
[The Reid Home]
Photograph of the Judge Ernest Reid home at Tenth and Elm in Orange, Texas.
Show Boat Harry Lee"
Photograph of an advertisement for the Show Boat "Harry Lee," America's largest dance pavilion. The boat has upper and lower decks and two large smoke stacks.
[Ochiltree Home on the Sabine River]
Photograph of the Hugh Ochiltree home, on Third Street at the Sabine River. This is shortly before being dismantled. This is a so-called "back view" or the view that faced front street. The home primarily faced the Sabine River. The house has two stories and shuttered windows.
[Rhodes White Way Sandwich Shop]
Photograph of Rhodes White Way Sandwich Shop in 1941. The owners, waitresses and staff stand in front of this well-known eating place.
[Anderson Hardware]
Photograph of Anderson Hardware on Fifth Street. It was adveritsed as the best hardware house in Southeast Texas. Six men and two boys stand on the sidewalk in front of the store.
[Meat Market on Market Street]
Photograph of an old-time meat market on Market Street in Orange, Texas. The meat cutter holding the butcher knife in his hand is George Prejean at the age of 17 years. The man on the far left is Jim Mousen with Mr. Grubbs standing beside him.
[Fourth and Front Streets]
Photograph of Fourth and Front Streets in Orange, Texas, looking east. The old oak tree is on the right and railroad tracks run down the center of the street.
[New Holland Hotel]
Photograph of the New Holland Hotel in Orange, Texas in 1910. The three-story structure has a turret on one corner with a flag pole on top of it. There are palm trees and a gazebo outside the hotel.
[Sells House]
Photograph of the Sells house at 608 Sixth Street. The house has a front porch and two dormers on the roof.
[Sims House]
Photograph of the Sims house. It is a two-story house with a porch across the front and two side balconies on the second floor.
[Wignall Home]
Photograph of the Wignall Home in Orange, Texas.
[Pearce Home]
Photograph of the Pearce home in Orange, Texas.
[The Fair Store]
Photograph of the Fair Store on Fifth Street in the 1950s. Cars are parked at the curb by parking meters. Women are walking on the sidewalk.
[Home of H.J.L. Stark]
Photograph of the H.J. L Stark home on the corner of Pine and Tenth in Orange, Texas.
[Atakapan Indian Pottery Shards]
Photograph of seven Atakapan Indian pottery shards found along the Neches River in Orange County, Texas.
[Atakapan Indian Tools]
Photograph of five Atakapan Indian tools found along the Neches River in Orange County, Texas.
[Log Cabin Gas Station]
Photograph of a log cabin filling station and sandwich shop at the east end of Green Avenue near the Sabine River.
[Loicana Family Wagon]
Photograph of Guy Loicana and his cousin standing by the family wagon and holding a squash.
[Mariana Loracana and Wife]
Photograph of Mariana Loiacana and his wife in 1909.
[Fourth Street Dock on the Sabine River]
Photograph of the dock at Fourth Street on the Sabine River. A tugboat is near the dock.
[IOOF Hall in Orange, Texas]
Photograph of the IOOF Hall the corner of Main and Fourth Streets. Beneath the club is a Toyland store. Automobiles are parked on the curbs.
[Touring Car on a Train]
Photograph of a touring car being transported on a railroad car from Orange, Texas to a vacation site. The owner is probably Lutcher Stark, taken in 1914.
[The Stark Building]
Photograph of the Stark Building in Orange, Texas in 1910. It is a two-story brick building. Horse-drawn carriages and carts stand outside in the street.
[Crescent City Saloon]
Photograph of men standing outside the Crescent City Saloon on the corner of Fourth and Front Streets in Orange, Texas.
[Business Houses on Front Street]
Photograph of a corner on Front and Fourth Street in Orange, Texas. Horse-drawn carts are on the streets. Where Smith Cleaners is now. Once was the longest bar in Texas. The Stark Building is to the right.
[New Bancroft Building]
Photograph of the New Bancroft Building in Orange, Texas. It is a two-story brick building with a barber shop on one side. Above the entrance on the corner is a three-dimensional longhorn cow head.
[City Buses at Fifth and Main]
Photograph of Fifth and Main Streets in Orange, Texas. Five city buses are at the curb along with automobiles. Pedestrians are crossing the street. Businesses include: J.C. Penney Company, Williams Drugs, and Bengal.
[Police Chief Raymond Sanders]
Photograph of Orange Police Chief, Raymond Sanders.
[Fourth of July 1918]
Photograph of men and women at an Independence Day Celebration on July 4, 1918. A large American flag is in the background.
[Hustmyre Home]
Photograph of the Hustmyer home at 611 Seventh Street in Orange, Texas. It is a two-story house with a porch wrapping around it.
[W.R. Sells Residence]
Photograph of the W.R Sells residence at the corner of Sixth and Pine in Orange, Texas. It is a two-story home with porches wrapping around it.
[Congressman Martin Dies]
Photograph of Congressman Martin Dies of Orange, Texas.
[U.S.). Ladies]
Photograph of four U.S.O. ladies hosting a banquet. A large bouquet and candles decorate the table. Service men stand behind them.
[The U.S.O. Ladies]
Photograph of four U.S.O. ladies hosting a banquet. A large bouquet and candles decorate the table. A service man stands behind them.
[Tower Sea Food and Steak House]
Photographs of the Tower Seafood and Steakhouse. One photo shows the interior of the restaurant with tables and chairs. The other photo shows the exterior of the building. This restaurant was located on the circle in Orange, Texas.
[Samuel W. Levingston Home]
Photograph of the Samuel W. Levingston home at 920 W. Pine Street in the 1920s. The house has a turret on the left and a wrap around porch.
[E.W. Brown Home after the Fire]
Photograph of the E.W. Brown III home after the fire in the early 1950s. It was on the corner of Elm and Ninth Street. It had been the Levingston residence earlier.
A.P. Harris
Studio portrait of A.P. Harris from the bust up. He is wearing a dark suit with a vest, collared shirt and bow tie. He has dark hair parted on the side and a mustache. On the bottom of the photograph is written, "Chas. G. Wright. Permanent Photographs. Lambertype Patent. Houston, Texas."
A.J. and Mette Petrea Jorgensen
Photograph of A.J.and Mette Petrea Jorgensen. They are standing next to each other outdoors and both are smiling. She has white hair and is wearing a white blouse, white skirt, and a brooch at the waist. He has a white beard and is wearing a white shirt, necktie, slacks, belt and watch chain. Behind them are flowers, bushes, trees and a gazebo.
Grace and Hazel Reeves with Friend
Photograph of Grace and Hazel Reeves with friend whose last name is Yates. The three women are seated on a bench with the middle woman's legs on the opposite side of the other two. The woman on the right wears a dress with a large collar and a scarf, the other women wear long skirts with white blouses and one wears a belt and a scarf. Directly behind them is a tree and behind that is a picket fence with several trees and a two story house.
Hazel Reeves
Photograph of Hazel Reeves. She is wearing a light colored shirt and long skirt with a dark belt, scarf, and boots. Behind her is a tree, a fence, and a tall house.
Grace and Hazel Reeves
Photograph of Hazel and Grace Reeves. They are standing with their arms around each other. Both are wearing dresses and headbands, and one is wearing a belt with a scarf. Behind them is a tree and a fence.