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Bridge Between Port Arthur and Orange, Texas
Photographic postcard of the cantilever bridge crossing the Neches River in Southeast Texas. It connects Port Arthur with Bridge City in Orange County. It is the highest bridge in Texas and is now known as the Rainbow Bridge. The card was mailed Dec 10, 1950 from Orange, Texas.
[Entrance ot DuPont Sabine River Works - Orange, Texas
Photographic postcard picturing the entrance to the DuPont Sabine River Works, a power and chemical plant in Orange, Texas. Outside the entrance is a tall flag pole and a landscaped parking area full of automobiles.
[E.W. Brown Home after the Fire]
Photograph of the E.W. Brown III home after the fire in the early 1950s. It was on the corner of Elm and Ninth Street. It had been the Levingston residence earlier.
[Annie Bancroft at Randolph Macon College]
Oval photograph of Annie Bancroft when she was at Randolph Macon College in Lynchburg, Virginia around 1899.
[Bancroft Family]
Oval photo of Mrs. Thomas Bancroft with her sons, Eugene and Arthur. She wears a bonnet with lace around the opening. She is seated between her sons.
[Fifth and Front Street]
Photograph of Fifth and Front Streets in Orange, Texas. There are cars parked and driving on the street. There is a set of tracks in front of the building.
[The Orange Militia]
Photograph of the Orange Rifles (Militia) in front of a restaurant. The men are shown kneeling and standing with rifles. There are people near the entries of the restaurant.
First Catholic Church built in 1880
First Catholic church built in 1880 at Pine and Sixth Streets. This church was formerly known as St. Vitalis
Orange Leader Editor Cullen Browning in a small office
Cullen Browning, editor of the The Orange Leader sits in a small make-shift office at 503-505 Front Ave. Another worker named Ken Freuden can be seen in the back of the room. This was around 1950, when the original office was undergoing renovation.
Portrait of Mrs. E.W Bancroft
Portrait of Mrs. E.W Bancroft wearing a heavy wool suit and disk-shaped hat. Photograph was taken around the year 1900.
[Steamboat Pearl Plant]
Photograph of steamboat "Pearl Plant" near Front at Third Street. There are many people on the decks on the boat. The steamboat has two large smoke stacks. There is a man smoking a pipe on the bottom left of the photograph.
Methodist church at Terry, Texas
Photograph of the congregation outside of the Methodist Church at Terry, Texas in the 1920s.
[Street scene]
Photograph of street scene in Orange. The view is from 5th Street looking south from Green St.
[St. Mary's Catholic Church]
Photograph of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Orange, Texas. It is located at Orange Avenue and Eighth Street. The church entrance includes a bell tower with a steeple on top.
[Celebration in Stark Park]
Photograph of large celebration. There are many people standing and seated at a long table . There is an American flag on the right side of the photograph and other people in front of houses in the background. Front of photograph: "#22 Celebration in Stark Park. Occasion unknown. Early 1920's. Stark carriage house in background."
[1920s road conditions]
Photograph of a stalled car in the 1920's There are wagon wheels placed next to a barn on the right.
[Photograph of Two Ships on a River]
Photograph of two steamships traveling on a river.
[Photograph of E.W. Bancroft's Yacht "Sylvania"]
Photograph of E.W. Bancroft's yacht, "Sylvania," taken around 1914.
[Home Covered Snow in Orange, Texas]
Photograph of two-story home in Orange, Texas covered in snow - a rare event in tropical Orange, Texas.
[Construction at fleet berthing facility]
Photograph of construction at the fleet berthing facilities in Orange, Texas. There is a motorboat docked along the shoreline in the foreground. Text in the lower-right corner says: "Brown & Root Inc. Contract Noy 13234. Fleet berthing facilities Orange, Texas. View of Const. from across river Opp. Pier 6. 7/19/46 No. 61."
[Photograph of Orange, Texas in 1895]
Photograph of Fifth and Main Street location in Orange, Texas in 1895. Main was only a bayou crossed by the Fifth Street bridge. The First Baptist Church is under construction in the background. Wooden fences surround nearby homes.
[Photograph of Men and Women on the Bank of the Port Arthur Canal]
Photograph of the canal in Port Arthur, Texas. Men and women stand along the shore. Boats are pulled over to the shore. The Revenue Cutter "Windom" is in the background.
[Photograph of Log Raft on Cow Bayou]
Photograph of a boat and raft on the Cow Bayou. There is a barrel on the raft and a barrel in the water.
[Photograph of the Bayou]
Postcard of a bayou in Orange, Texas. There are Cypress trees growing in the water. A bridge crosses the bayou in the background.
Thompson Home in 1895
Photograph of the Thompson home in 1895. The house has a large porch and balconies with a bay window and two chimneys. On the left side of the frame is a large greenhouse. Surrounding the house are several shrubs and trees. In front of the house is a picket fence and gate and there is a snow on the ground.
[Photograph of Metal Tower in Flood]
Photograph of a metal tower sitting in a flooded field some distance away from a pier full of boats during a 1953 flood.
[Photograph of Utility Pole and Billboard in Deep Water]
Photograph of a utility pole and a Humble Oil billboard in deep water after the flood of the Sabine River in 1953.
[Photograph of Utility Pole in Deep Water]
Photograph of a utility pole in deep water after the Sabine River flooded in 1953.
[Photograph of Sandbags Along the Flooded Sabine River]
Photograph of people walking and sitting on the sandbags along the flooded Sabine River in 1953.
[Photograph of Sandbags Along the Flooded Sabine River]
Photograph of people sitting on sandbags along the Sabine River after the flood of 1953.
[Photograph of Flooded Roadway]
Photograph of a flooded roadway in Orange, Texas after the flood of 1953.
[Photograph of Men Filling Sandbags During Flood]
Photograph of groups of men filling sandbags during a 1953 flood. Several of them are wearing sailor's hats and army uniforms.
[Photograph of Riverside Street During the 1953 Flood]
A boy plays in a water-filled street as a bus passes by during a 1953 flood.
[Photograph of Flood, Green Avenue at River]
Photograph of the 1953 flood in Orange, Texas. This photo shows a couple of billboards advertising beer on Green Avenue. The signs are standing in water.
[Photograph of Building on Water with Derrick]
Photograph of a large building and derrick on water.
[Two children on alligator]
Photograph of young Shon Hudson and friend on an alligator. One of the children is holding a chain wrapped around the mouth of the alligator.
[Siesta Motel on MacArthur Drive in the 1950s]
Photograph of the Siesta Motel on MacArthur Drive in Orange, Texas during the 1950s.
W.E. Lea Home
Photograph of the old W.E. Lea Mansion in Orange, Texas. The home has a large wrap-around porch and balcony with a smaller balcony on the third story. In the front and around the sides are columns. There are several tall trees around the house and a fence that surrounds it. Lined up in front of the house on the street are old fire trucks and in front of those are many men in dark suits with ties and hats and also some firemen in uniform. Typed across the top of the photograph is, "GREEN AVENUE MANSION - The First Baptist Church Youth Building now sits on the site where once a majestic mansion stood on Green Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets. It originally came from Sholars heirs to Lou Bettis. It was remodeled by George Bancroft and later became the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lea. Still later it became Noguess Mortuary. It was torn down in 1959 to make way for the Baptists building. Occasion for line-up of firemen and trucks unknown.
American Bridge Fire in 1980
Firemen on the crane of a firetruck spraying water on a building in flames. This was supposedly during the American Bridge Fire in 1980.
[1885 Fire Wagon]
Photograph and description of Orange's volunteer firemen standing by a fire wagon in 1885. This is the oldest known picture of an Orange scene.
American Bridge Fire in 1980
American Bridge fire in 1980 and several onlookers.
[1917 Pumper]
Photograph of a 1917 Pumper truck that won an award in LaFrance's 150th Anniversary Festivities in Elmira, New York.
[Orange Fire Department]
Photograph of the Orange Fire Department Burton Substation in 1942. There are fire trucks and firemen in front of the fire station. Caption: "This was the way things looked in 1942 for Orange Firemen at Burton Substation."
Fire Department and Firemen
Photograph of four firemen standing on or beside two firetrucks. They are wearing button-up short-sleeve shirts with pants and boots. On the doors of the trucks are the words, "Orange Fire Dept. 15". The word, "Pierce" is on the front of the truck within a circle. The trucks are parked in front of two garages of the fire department. The words, "Central Fire" are on top of the garage doors. In the background is a domed roof, treetops, and telephone poles. Typed across the bottom of the mat is, "LATEST PUMPERS - Modern lime green pumpers are the latest additions to the Orange Fire Department. Newer equipment now used by firefighters is in marked contrast to 1900."
[Orange Central Fire Station]
Photograph of the Orange Central Fire Station located on the corner of 7th and Elm. There are fire trucks parked in the driveways and five firemen are standing next to each of the trucks.
[Photograph of Flooded street]
Photograph of a flooded street. There are people walking on the sidewalks and next to the buildings. In the middle ground there are two men standing in the water. A horse-drawn carriage is parked next to a market.
[six firemen]
Photograph of six firemen standing near a fire station and fire truck. Two men are standing with one leg on the fire truck.
[Children playing a game]
Photograph of six children playing "pop-the-whip", outdoors. The children are moving while holding hands. Front of photograph: "#12 Children playing pop-the-whip approximately 1915, Orange, Texas."
[Photograph of a Tugboat Under Construction]
Photograph of a tugboat under construction. The top part of the boat is still open with wooden beams. On the outside of the boat is scaffolding and several ladders. On the dock are wooden beams, piping, and hoses.
[Photograph of Barge "Marie Flood"]
Photograph of the construction of a large bulk cargo barge. The barge is resting next to a large body of water. There are several buildings visible in the background. Handwritten on the back of the photograph is, "Ocean-going bulk cargo barge 'Marie Flood' built for Gulfcoast Transit Co. completed 2-2-73 540'x85'x45'-3'."