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[Young Sarah Olivia holding small book]
Photograph of young Sarah Olivia, born on July 21, 1857, holding a small book. Sarah is wearing a Gingham Dress.
[Young Woman from Orangefield in 1920s]
Photograph of a young woman standing in front of the Orangefield oil field in the 1920s.
[Young woman holding child]
Photograph of two unknown individuals. A young woman is shown holding a child in front of a palm tree.
[Young woman in white dress]
Photograph of a young Carrie Lutcher Brown wearing a white dress and arm bracelet.
[Young woman standing by chair]
Photograph of a young woman wearing an elegant garment. There is a pin on her collar. The chair is covered with an elaborate upholstery.
[YRDH Workshop - Floating Dry Dock]
Photograph of YRDH Workshop - floating dry dock hull. This ship was part of the mothball, or reserve, fleet docked in Orange, Texas.
[YSD Seaplane Wrecking Derrocks]
Photograph of a YSD Seaplane Wrecking Derrick. It was part of the mothball, or reserve, fleet.