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[Boy standing on railing]
Photograph of a young boy standing on railing. There are plants and chairs in the background.
[Boy using a hammer]
Photograph of a young boy using a hammer on a piece of wood. The boy is wearing a white garment with a dark-colored tie.
[Boy using a tool on a chair]
Photograph of a child using a tool on a chair. The child is the son of Bappie Hill Harris.
[Boy wearing a sailor uniform]
Photograph of a boy wearing a sailor uniform. The boy is standing in front of a fence prop and is shown holding a rod.
A boy with a bicycle
A black boy stands next a bike in front of a house.
[Boy with a Cane]
Photographic portrait of a young boy dressed in white holding a thin cane. A banister with flowers is in the background.
[Boy with Bicycle]
Photograph of a boy standing by a bicycle. He wears a cap.
[Boy with toy sword]
Photograph of a young boy standing with a toy sword in front of a door.
[Bridge across neches River - Orange, Texas]
Photographic postcard picturing, "Highway Bridge Across The Neches River - Highest Bridge in the South - 183 Ft. Above Water - Between Orange and Port Arthur, Tex." This cantilever bridge is also named the "Rainbow Bridge"
Bridge Between Port Arthur and Orange, Texas
Photographic postcard of the cantilever bridge crossing the Neches River in Southeast Texas. It connects Port Arthur with Bridge City in Orange County. It is the highest bridge in Texas and is now known as the Rainbow Bridge. The card was mailed Dec 10, 1950 from Orange, Texas.
[Bridge of the USS Aulick]
Photograph of the bridge of the USS Aulick, a ship built by the U.S. Navy Yard in Orange, Texas. The photo show a seat, a steering wheel, and a variety of navigational instruments.
[Bridge to Louisiana]
Photograph of the truss bridge that was at the east end of Green Avenue and crossed the Sabine River. This road left Orange, Texas and went into Louisiana.
[Bridge to Louisiana at the end of Green Avenue]
Photograph of the end of Green Avenue where the bridge crosses to Louisiana.
Bronze Sculpture of a Woman Riding a Horse]
Photograph of a sculpture depicting a woman riding a horse near a calf. The photo is taken in front of a wooden wall. The artist is unknown.
[Bubba in Uniform]
Photographic portrait of Bubba in his uniform. He has lapel pins that represent lyres.
Bubba Voss
Studio portrait of a young Bubba Vance sitting in a wire chair. He is wearing a dark shirt with sash and knickers, stockings and dark boots. His hair is parted on the side. There is a fake backdrop behind him.
[Buddhist shrine]
Photograph of an ornate Buddhist shrine. There is a candle on the right and a plant on the left. Back of photograph: "Buddhist shrine once owned by Kichimatsu Kishi, grandfather of Henry Hirasaki. In 1928 Kishi helped found and donated land for Terry Methodist Chapel and translated the bible in Sunday school lessons for his older Japanese colonists."
[Buick Dealership]
Photograph of the Buick dealership in Orange, Texas.
[Building and derrick on water]
Photograph of a large building next to a derrick. The structures are near a lake. Back of photograph: "LSC Hull 695. Slotted drilling barge. "Rig No. 4" Built for Rowan Drilling Co. completed 11-30-70. 209'-6" x 54' x 14'."
[Building at 5th and Front - Upper Story]
Photograph of the second story of the building at 5th and Front Streets in Orange, Texas. On the left is an insurance agency and on the right a woman named Ethyl sits in the open window.
[Building behind trees]
Photograph of a two-story building behind a group of large, foliage-covered trees. The building has white railing and columns.
[Burton Store on Ninth and Burton]
Photograph of the Burton Store on the corner of Ninth and Burton in Orange, Texas. It has a picket fence on either side of the building. A sign says, "Cold Soda Water". Walter Gunstream is standing on the front porch.
Burton's Dairy Cow
Photograph of a horned dairy cow. She is looking at the camera and in the background is a fence, buildings, and houses. Written across the top is, "Burton Dairy Milk Cow".
Burton's Dairy Cow
Photograph of Burton's dairy cow. The cow is centered and in the background is a fence, buildings, and tall trees. Written across the top of the photo is, "Burtons Dairy Cow".
Burton's Dairy Cows
Photograph of five dairy cows in front of a wooden hay barn with a tin awning. In the background is a wooden gate. Written across the top of the photograph is, "Burtons Cows" and, "Burtons Dairy Cows".
Burton's Dairy Farm
Photograph of a horse and chickens standing in front of a wooden building on Burton's Dairy Farm. Behind the horse is a wooden building and a fence with an open gate. In the far background on the right side of the frame is a man leaning in the doorway of another building. Written across the top of the photograph is, "(Prina) Cow Horse" and across the bottom is, "Burtons Dairy Cow-Horse".
Burton's Dairy Hay Barn and Cows
Photograph of eleven dairy cows and one calf in front of a wooden hay barn with a tin awning. In the background is a building and trees. Written across the top is, "Hay Barn & Cows Burton's Dairy".
[Business District of Orange, Texas}
Photograph of the downtown business district of Orange, Texas. Horses and carriages are in the street outside the businesses, such as the Hardware Co. on the right.
[Business Houses on Front Street]
Photograph of a corner on Front and Fourth Street in Orange, Texas. Horse-drawn carts are on the streets. Where Smith Cleaners is now. Once was the longest bar in Texas. The Stark Building is to the right.
Businesses along on the I-10
Photograph of the businesses next to Interstate 10, including a Motel 6, Waffle House, Gary's Coffee Shop, Best Western Inn, Ramada Inn and Race Trac gas station.
[Busy day in Orange]
Photograph of a busy shopping area in Orange, Texas. The sidewalks are full of people and horse-drawn vehicles crowd the streets.
[C.H. Meriwether]
Photograph of C.H. Meriwether around 1940.
[C.W. MacFarlane]
Photographic portrait of C.W. MacFarlane.
Cabinet Card - 2 Ladies & 2 men on picnic
Photograph of a group of people near a stream. Four individuals are shown at a picnic surrounded by shrubbery in front of a stream.
Cabinet Card - 4 Men, 6 Ladies at Picnic. Ochiltree Collection.
Photograph of ten individuals. The group is shown enjoying a picnic near a group of trees.
Cabinet Card - 7 Ladies & 5 Men on Picnic
Photograph of a group of 12 people. The group is shown enjoying a picnic near a group of trees.
Cabinet Card - Man with long moustache
Photograph of Jim O. Sims. Sims is shown with a long moustache wearing a suit.
Cabinet Card - Young Lady Standing Next to Chair
Photograph of Mrs. James B. Hill. Mrs. Hill is shown standing next to a chair against a studio background.
[Cabot Corp]
Photograph of the Cabot Corp. facility. There are cars parked in front of the one of the buildings and a water tower in the background. There is a power line in front of Cabot Corp.
[Cafe Alamo and Hotel Florence]
Photograph of the Hotel Florence and Cafe Alamo on Green Avenue and Eleventh Street. Men sit in the city park across from the cafe.
[Calabar Queen]
Photograph of an aerial view of a large vessel named "Calabar Queen" with men and cargo beside it. There is another ship in the drydock behind the "Calabar Queen" and many buildings are visible along the shore in the background. Handwritten on the back of the photograph is, "Offshore Drilling Tender, Built for Santa Fe International Corp., Completed 12-9-69, 260'x54x16'-3"."
[D. Call & Son Store]
Photograph the D. Call & Son Store at Call Corner. There are people seated and standing outside of the store. There is a horse and carriage in front of the store as well. The Ochiltree home is on the left in the background. There is a large oak tree growing through the roof. on the right side of the photograph.
[Call's Store on Front at Fourth Street]
Photograph of Call's General Store. The old "Hanging Tree" is located in front of the store.
[Camp fire girls cooking at camp]
Photograph of a group of girls cooking at a camp fire. There are two cooking vessels being tended by girls at camp.
[Campfire ceremony]
Photograph of two people in campfire ceremony gowns. There are two people shown with arms raised. The photograph is oval in shape.
Captain George Levingston
Studio portrait of the bust of Captain George Levingston. He is wearing a dark suit and vest with a collared shirt and monogrammed tie with the letter, "L". He is wearing glasses and his white hair is parted on the side.
Captain Livingston and E.J Mallow
Photograph of Captain Levingtson and E.J. Mallow standing at a podium, speaking at the Levingston Shipyard.
[Car decorated for parade]
Photograph of a decorated vehicle in a parade. The vehicle is full of elegantly dressed women and Mr. W.H. Stark is also seated inside of the vehicle.
[Cargo on railcar]
Photograph of large cone-shaped object on a southern pacific rail car. There are industrial structures and a fence behind the rail car.
[Cargo vessel in repair]
Photograph of a ship in repair. The words "George K. Panama R.P." are on the sides of the vessel. Flags are attached to the top of the ship. There is a latter on the right side of the ship.