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[Aerial View of Orange, Texas]

Description: Aerial photograph of Orange, Texas. Many of the buildings in the photograph are now gone. Mrs. Lutcher Stark of Orange bought most of the downtown properties and built a performing arts theater and museum. The buildings that did survive are mostly occupied by Lamar University, Orange extension. The Sabine River is on the lower left.
Date: 1950

Aerial View of Orange Texas

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of Orange, Texas. There is a three-story building in the image that was Orange High School until 1923. After that year, another Orange High School was built and the building in the photograph was used as Helen Carr Junior High School. In 1946, the two-story building in this photograph was built as Lutcher Stark High School. The three-story building in the photograph was then torn down, believed to have happened after 1965, and a one-story building was built in its place and became Helen Carr Junior High School.
Date: unknown

[Aerial View of Orange, Texas]

Description: Aerial photograph of Orange Texas along the Sabine River. In the foreground is the railroad tracks and storage buildings, a ship is seen to the left. In the background is the Port of Orange. The building in the foreground is an older Port of Orange. Those buildings have been replaced with a newer Port of Orange. Levingston Shipyard would eventually build on the island in center left. Above the island is the town Orange, and in the background to the discerning eye is Consolidated Steel, or American Bridge division of US Steel and today Signal International.
Date: June 26, 1948
Creator: Lang, B. A.