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Aileen Stratton Merkle

Description: Photograph of Aileen Stratton Merkle standing in front of a wire fence with bushes behind it. She is wearing a light-colored dress, shoes, and stockings and a necklace. She is holding papers. Behind her are trees and wooden structures.
Date: unknown

[Albert "Cowboy" Adams]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Sesquicentennial parade on Fifth Street in downtown Orange, Texas in 1986. Albert "Cowboy" Adams is riding a brown horse and waving. Automobiles are parked behind him. In the background is the Lutcher Theatre (Left) and the Stark House (Right).
Date: March 1986
Creator: Toal, Margaret

[Album page of young Alexander Stuart]

Description: Multiple photographs of young Alexander Stuart on a photo album page. Left to Right Front: 1. Photograph of a man in uniform and Stuart next to each other on a porch. 2. Photograph of an unknown woman holding Stuart next to a tree. 3. Photograph of man and Stuart seated on steps. Stuart is pointing. 4-6. Photographs of young Stuart pointing in various directions on a beach. 7. Photograph of Stuart wearing a white coat and hat while holding a rod. Back: 1. Photograph of young Stuart running with a toy in front of a house. 2. Photograph of Stuart touching the wheel of a bike resting on the side of a building. 3. Photograph of woman sitting on a bench with Stuart in front of a tree. 4. Photograph of Stuart standing on steps and playing with a string and box. 5. Photograph of Stuart running in a yard with a toy. 6. Photograph of Stuart and a man playing with a toy.
Date: unknown

Allie Bland's House and Cove School

Description: Photograph of the Cove School at left and Ms. Allie Bland's house on the right. There is a white-picket fence surrounding the yard of the house and the school. In front of the fence is a man in a dark suit and hat. Within the house yard are two women in long skirts and a man in a vest and hat. There are large trees with moss surrounding the buildings.
Date: 1885