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Aileen Stratton Merkle

Description: Photograph of Aileen Stratton Merkle standing in front of a wire fence with bushes behind it. She is wearing a light-colored dress, shoes, and stockings and a necklace. She is holding papers. Behind her are trees and wooden structures.
Date: unknown

[Albert "Cowboy" Adams]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Sesquicentennial parade on Fifth Street in downtown Orange, Texas in 1986. Albert "Cowboy" Adams is riding a brown horse and waving. Automobiles are parked behind him. In the background is the Lutcher Theatre (Left) and the Stark House (Right).
Date: March 1986
Creator: Toal, Margaret

[Album page of young Alexander Stuart]

Description: Multiple photographs of young Alexander Stuart on a photo album page. Left to Right Front: 1. Photograph of a man in uniform and Stuart next to each other on a porch. 2. Photograph of an unknown woman holding Stuart next to a tree. 3. Photograph of man and Stuart seated on steps. Stuart is pointing. 4-6. Photographs of young Stuart pointing in various directions on a beach. 7. Photograph of Stuart wearing a white coat and hat while holding a rod. Back: 1. Photograph of young Stuart running with a toy in front of a house. 2. Photograph of Stuart touching the wheel of a bike resting on the side of a building. 3. Photograph of woman sitting on a bench with Stuart in front of a tree. 4. Photograph of Stuart standing on steps and playing with a string and box. 5. Photograph of Stuart running in a yard with a toy. 6. Photograph of Stuart and a man playing with a toy.
Date: unknown

Allie Bland's House and Cove School

Description: Photograph of the Cove School at left and Ms. Allie Bland's house on the right. There is a white-picket fence surrounding the yard of the house and the school. In front of the fence is a man in a dark suit and hat. Within the house yard are two women in long skirts and a man in a vest and hat. There are large trees with moss surrounding the buildings.
Date: 1885

[American Bridge]

Description: Photograph of a large industrial cylinder tied to a platform. There is an automobile in the foreground and electrical poles in the background. Handwritten on the back of the photograph is, "American Bridge."
Date: unknown

[American Bridge Division]

Description: Photograph of the transportation of a bridge component. A man is standing on top of the large metal structure and there is a sign that reads, "American Bridge Division, ABC of Safety, Always Be Careful." Handwritten on the back of the photograph is, "American Bridge, Chesapeake Bay Tunnel."
Date: unknown
Creator: T.L. Gunn's Studio

[Anderson School in Orange, Texas]

Description: Color postcard depicting the Anderson School in Orange, Texas. It is a two-story brick building with a dome on top. Three African American children stand in front of the school. Correspondence on the back reads, "I'm sorry you've been missing Sunday School. Hope to see you there this Sunday. Bring Carrol with you. Lovingly yours, Mrs. McDaniel" It is addressed to Mr. Bess Lyons, Orange, Texas. The postmark reads, Orange, Texas on July 8, 1914.
Date: unknown