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[Advertising Contract for LULAC News]

Description: Advertising Contract form for the LULAC News, the newsletter of the League of United Latin American Citizens located in San Antonio, Texas. It lists advertising rates per page or columnar inch.
Date: unknown
Creator: League of United Latin American Citizens

[Biography for Sargent Cleto Rodriguez]

Description: Military biography of Sgt. Cleto Rodriguez, recounting his heroic actions during the Battle for Manila. Note at end of document reads: "Currently he is associated with Project S.E.R. (Service, Employment, Rehabilitation) in San Antonio."
Date: 1976?

[League of United Latin American Citizens Resolution]

Description: Onionskin paper copy of Resolution Number 1 of the League of United Latin American Citizens from the Regional Convention at San Antonio, Texas, held September 20-21, 1947. This is an unsigned carbon copy with signature lines for Ike Martinez, Council #12, and B. D. Serna, Council #56. The resolution was to have each LULAC Council contribute to a School Improvement Fund to carry out measures to improve educational conditions and facilities for children of Latin-American descent in the state of Texas.
Date: September 20, 1947
Creator: League United Latin American Citizens

[LULAC National Home Fundraising Notice - 1965]

Description: Fundraising Notice for the National LULAC Home by "Uncle Mike" in 1965, highlighting the continuous need to raise funds by recirculating a fundraising notice from March, 1962, urging members to send donations for the National LULAC Home.
Date: 1965

[News release: Viva Johnson-Humphrey Club groups form in Harris County, Texas]

Description: News release about Viva Johnson-Humphrey Club groups forming in Harris County, Texas. The names of the State and National chairman, co-chairman, and representatives of Bexar County, Los Angeles, California, New Mexico, and East Texas have been elected. A resolution was made to elect President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Hubert Humphrey for the Democratic ticket. The letter is marked "Attention Ben Kaplan." Handwritten notes are at the bottom of the letter. Handwritten on the back is the address of the Viva Johnson-Humphrey Clubs.
Date: unknown
Creator: Viva Johnson-Humphrey Club

Newsflash from KCOR, June 15, 1948]

Description: Newsflash from KCOR radio station, reporting on news from Austin, Texas, from Raoul A. Cortez, President of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Judge Ben H. Rice, Jr., from the Federal Court in Austin, has ordered a statewide ban on segregation of Mexican-American children in Texas schools, stating that the practice is unconstitutional and violates the 14th Amendment.
Date: June 15, 1948
Creator: KCOR

[Receipt for stenographic services from The St. Anthony]

Description: Letter from The St. Anthony in San Antonio. Receipt for $15.00 paid for 3 hours of stenographic services in the matter of Civil Action #9009, Ben Rios et al vs. O. B. Ellis, et al.
Date: August 14, 1955
Creator: Larson, Leona

Rodriguez, Cleto: Citation

Description: Military biography of Sgt. Cleto Rodriguez, recounting his heroic actions during the Battle for Manila. Rodriguez was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Silver Star, two Bronze Medal for Valor, six Purple Hearts and military decorations from Mexico.
Date: 1976?

Sings of our times

Description: Text of speech delivered by Gus C. Garcia, Member, San Antonio Board of Education, at Laredo, Texas on January 15, 1952, titled, "Signs of our times." Garcia speaks of the general problems which are facing the nation today.
Date: January 15, 1952
Creator: Garcia, Gustavo C.

[Speech on segregation of school children by Raoul A. Cortez]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of Raoul A. Cortez's comments on the the "decision in Federal Court which outlawed the practice of segregating school children of Mexican descent." Cortez, who had recently been elected President-General of the League of United Latin American Citizens, says that from now on Hispanic Americans will have an opportunity to become useful citizens and make contributions to society.
Date: unknown
Creator: Cortez, Raoul A.