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300 attend appreciation dinner for Judge Duncan

Description: Brief newspaper article describing a dinner held in honor of Judge Jimmie Duncan, including some notable attendees, including E. A. "Squatty" Lyons and District Attorney Carol Vance.
Date: August 7, 1975
Creator: Houston Chronicle
Item Type: Clipping

Abstract of Title to Part of Block 4 of "Westview Addition" to the City of Houston, SSBB, in Harris County, Texas

Description: Abstract of title to part of block 4 of the "Westview Addition" to the City of Houston, including the General Warranty Deeds, Assignment of V/T & D/T, Agreement, Right-of-Way Deed, Quit-Claim Deed, Release of Interest, Release of V/T, Release of V/L, Assignment of M/L, Release of M/L for the property area.
Date: July 20, 1944
Creator: Texas Abstract Company Incorporated
Item Type: Legal Document

[Advertisement from Houston Times All-Church Press for Political Advertising]

Description: Advertisement from Houston Times All-Church Press for Political Advertising. "As your MESSENGERS TO These Influential and Civic-Working Voters, Use The Houston Times With 81 Separate Local Newspapers Each One Edited by the Reader's Own Pastor." The advertisement also boasts, "ONLY 3 1/2 Cents Per Paper"; "LEAD Your Race from the Start."
Date: 1954
Creator: Houston Times All-Church Press
Item Type: Text

[Affidavit from Ernest Rosales - 1957-11-06]

Description: Witness testimony giving Ernest Rosales's account of the night of November 1, 1957, describing Rosales and his friends being engaged in a fight with some other men, during which shots were fired. Second page of testimony is not included here.
Date: November 6, 1957
Creator: Rosales, Ernest
Item Type: Legal Document

[Affidavit signed by Ernesto Herrera - 1948-12-07]

Description: Notarized affidavit regarding two tracts of land owned by Ernesto Jimenez Herrera. One lot is in the Houston Suburban Estates subdivision and the other two lots are in the City Gardens subdivision. Herrera does not claim any of these properties as his homestead. Instead he is leasing his business property at 124 Preston Avenue.
Date: July 12, 1948
Creator: Herrera, Ernesto Jimenez
Item Type: Legal Document

[Agenda of the first reunion de veteranos de la Revolucion Mexicana, 1910-1917]

Description: A flyer with the afternoon’s agenda - including video interviews, speeches, and awards - of first reunion de veteranos de la Revolucion Mexicana, 1910-1917. Mrs. Pancho Villa and three men who rode with Villa are interviewed in the videos, including Aurelio "Leo" Reynosa, Rafael Lorenzana Reyna, and Jesus M. Gonzalez. Included with the flyer is a souvenir bookmark from the reunion.
Date: August 30, 1987
Item Type: Text

[Agenda of the meeting of Supreme Council of LULAC, February 11, 1977]

Description: Agenda for the meeting of Supreme Council of League of United Latin American Citizens held at Rice Rittenhouse Hotel on Friday, February 11, 1977. The agenda includes articles of impeachment against Joesph R. Benites. The bottom portion of the page has been ripped showing the agenda only until 5:00 pm.
Date: February 11, 1977
Creator: Gonzales, Manuel
Item Type: Text