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[Advertisement from Houston Times All-Church Press for Political Advertising]

Description: Advertisement from Houston Times All-Church Press for Political Advertising. "As your MESSENGERS TO These Influential and Civic-Working Voters, Use The Houston Times With 81 Separate Local Newspapers Each One Edited by the Reader's Own Pastor." The advertisement also boasts, "ONLY 3 1/2 Cents Per Paper"; "LEAD Your Race from the Start."
Date: 1954
Creator: Houston Times All-Church Press

[Annotated list of LULAC Officers and Councils - April 13, 1953]

Description: List of LULAC national officers, regional governors, district governors, and councils dated April 13, 1953. This appears to be a working copy as it contains numerous handwritten notes and corrections. The sixth page appears to be a partial membership roster of Houston members.
Date: April 11, 1953

[Biographies of John J. Herrera - 1952-10-04]

Description: Biographies of John J. Herrera. The first, two page biography on LULAC letterhead is dated October 4, 1952. The third page is a condensed, three paragraph biography.
Date: October 4, 1952
Creator: League of United Latin American Citizens

[Draft of article by John J. Herrera - 1956-10-22]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy draft of an article by John J. Herrera dated October 22, 1956. This article was Herrera's rebuttal to Felix Tijerina's article on support of the Eisenhower-Nixon administration. "We have bitterly realized in their past administrations that we were the last to be hired and the first to be hired. We will continue to support the Democratic party and their nominees, Stevenson and Kerauver." Herrera also writes: "the great majority of the Latinos do not share his enthusiasm for the Republican Party, as 97 percent of the Latinos work for a living and do not own their business (as Mr. Tijerina does), or are professional people." At the top of this article in Spanish, there is a note which reads as such in English: "(Note: Despite certain Mexican 'leaders' knowing that Nixon 'was of the tricky politics' since October of 1956 many here in Houston on the radio or the TV begged 'Now more than ever four more years of Nixon': The least they should do is now after the failure, is to ask for forgiveness from the people before continuing to make recommendations on who to vote for."
Date: October 22, 1956
Creator: Herrera, John J.

[Invoice from The D. L. Ballich Company to LULAC - 1951-06-05]

Description: Invoice from The D. L. Ballich Company of Houston Texas to Houston LULAC Council dated June 5, 1951. This invoice is for delegate, visitor, and member badges printed for the LULAC Council and shipped to Ernest Eguia on April 20, 1951.
Date: June 5, 1951
Creator: The D. L. Ballich Company

[LULAC scholarship application for Gilbert Mayorga - 1950-07-24]

Description: Application for LULAC Scholarship from Gilbert Mayorga dated July 24, 1950. On the back of the last page is a handwritten thank you letter from Gilbert Mayorga concerning a LULAC scholarship that he received in 1948.
Date: July 24, 1950
Creator: Mayorga, Gilbert

[Receipt from A.B.C. Printing & Stationery Company to LULAC - 1951-04-20]

Description: Receipt from A.B.C. Printing and Stationery Company of Houston Texas to Houston LULAC Council, dated April 20, 1951. The receipt is signed by Ernest Eguia. The receipt contains a breakdown, by quantity, of delegate, visitor, and member badges ordered.
Date: April 20, 1951
Creator: A.B.C. Printing & Stationery Company

[Resolution of LULAC Texas Councils to congratulate Judge Harold R. Medina - 1950-01-29]

Description: Resolution submitted by Houston LULAC Council Number 60 to the Texas LULAC Councils at the Regional Convention held at Corpus Christi, Texas, on January 28 and 29, 1950. This resolution was to congratulate Judge Harold R. Medina for conducing the trial of twelve communist leaders and to extend an invitation to him to be the main speaker at the National Assembly to be held in June, 1950.
Date: January 29, 1950
Creator: League of United Latin American Citizens