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[Letter from Mark White to John J. Herrera - 1977-03-28]

Description: Letter from Mark White, Texas Secretary of State, to John J. Herrera, dated March 28, 1977, and certified by Patricia Cantrell. The letter requests remittance of payment of $3.90 for "the enclosed plain copy of all instruments for the League of United Latin American Citizens."
Date: March 28, 1977
Creator: White, Mark
Item Type: Letter

[Postcard from Douglas M. Herrera to John J. Herrera - 1976-08-02]

Description: Postcard from Douglas M. Herrera to his parents, John J. and Olivia C. Herrera. The image on the front of the postcard is a portrait of Lyndon B. Johnson from the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas. Douglas is visiting Austin on business and stopped by the presidential library with his son Michael.
Date: August 2, 1976
Creator: Herrera, Douglas M.
Item Type: Postcard
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