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[Letter from Eduardo Morga to Eduardo Pena - 1977-09-02]

Description: Letter from Eduardo Morga directed to Eduardo Pena, dated September 2, 1977. The letter indicates that the recipient has been selected as a member of the panel to hear the charges against Joe Velez and gives details of the charges and date, time, and location of the hearings.
Date: September 2, 1977
Creator: Morga, Eduardo

[Letter from Manuel Uriarte to Hank Aquirre - 1976-11-25]

Description: Letter from Manuel Uriarte to Hank Aquirre, Chairperson of LULAC National Enterprise Development, dated November 25, 1976. In the letter, Uriarte discusses the issues he observed at LULAC NED and allegations against Federico Perez Molina.
Date: November 25, 1976
Creator: Uriarte, Manuel