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[Camera misfire]
Camera misfire.
[Campo Laurel, Woodmen of the World, at Washington Cemetery]
Photograph of members of the Campo Laurel chapter of the Woodmen of the World, at Washington Cemetery, in the 1920s.
[Card with message for ration book holders]
Document containing a message to ration book holders, with explanation about the legal prices of food items. Contains a "simple pledge-- I will accept no rationed foods without giving ration stamps. I will never pay more than legal prices."
[Cargo ship unloading, Houston port]
Photograph of a cargo ship being unloaded at the Houston port.
[Cargo train going through the plains]
Photograph of a cargo train going through the plains.
[Carlos Antonio Rios at market]
Photograph of Carlos Antonio Rios at a small market. Rios is wearing a brown polo and jeans, with a camera hanging from his neck and a camera case slung on his right shoulder. Behind Rios, a market stall titled "J & A Electronics" displays several stereos systems. Many people can be seen wandering through the market.
[Carlos Antonio Rios takes a picture of El Pariente Nite Club]
Photograph of Houston Chronicle photographer Carlos Antonio Rios taking a photograph outside of the El Pariente Nite Club. The entrance to the club is visible on the right, and several customers can be seen walking away from the club.
[Carlos Antonio Rios takes picture of movie theater]
Photograph of Carlos Antonio Rios, a photographer for the Houston Chronicle. Rios is wearing jeans and a brown polo shirt and has a beard. Rios has a camera bag slung over his right shoulder. Rios stands on a grassy area across the street from a movie theater. Rios is taking a picture of the movie theater.
Carr will speak to LULACs
Newspaper clipping stating that State Attorney General Waggoner Carr will speak at the 1966 LULAC convention.
[Catechism class at St. Vincent's cemetery]
Photograph of a catechism class at St. Vincent's cemetery, circa 1933.
[Catechism class of boys with priest]
Photograph of a catechism class of boys with a priest in 1928.
[Catechism school graduates with priest]
Photograph of catechism school graduates with a priest, 1930s.
[Catechism school students with nun]
Photograph of catechism school students with a nun in front of a house, circa 1933-1934.
[Catechist and group of students]
Photograph of a catechist and a group of her students.
[Catechist teaching children the sign of the cross]
Photograph of a catechist teaching children the sign of the cross, circa 1933-1934.
[Catechist with teenage students]
Photograph of a catechist with teenage students in the 1930s.
[Catechists at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes]
Photograph of catechists at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in the 1930s.
[Certificate of baptism for Ignacio Bocanegra]
Document certifying Ignacio Bocanegra's baptism in September 1895, at Parroquia del Sagrado Corazón, in Monterrey, Mexico.
[Certificate of graduation from the Estado de Coahuila de Zaragoza Escuela Preparatoria para Varones for Manuel Urbina]
Certificate of graduation for Manuel Urbina from the Estado de Coahuila de Zaragoza Escuela Preparatoria para Varones.
[Children after a catechism class]
Photograph of children after a catechism class, circa 1933-1934.
[Children after First Communion instruction]
Photograph of children being taken home after their first communion instruction in the 1930s.
[Children and nuns in a truck]
Photograph of children and three nuns in a truck in the 1930s. Frances Rodriguez and Petra Ruiz can be seen in the truck bed ; Rosa Auila on the ground.
[Children exercising at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and School]
Photograph of children exercising at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and School, circa late 1920s or 1930s.
[Children receiving clothes for school]
Photograph of children receiving clothes for school at Our Lady of Guadalupe School in the early 1930s.
[Christmas card sent by Esther - 1932]
Christmas card sent by Esther from Houston dated Christmas Eve, 1932. The printed text of the card reads: "To wish you all happiness / at Christmas and throughout / the coming year."
[Church service in Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church]
Photograph of Church service in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.
[Class photograph with Refugio Diaz Zapata]
Photograph of a large class, with Refugio Diaz Zapata, 23 years old, visible on the far left side.
[Clearing between mission and presidio at Orcoquisac site]
Photograph of a clearing in the forest between the mission and presidio at the Orcoquisac site.
[Clipping of a grand function to be held at Edison Junior High School]
Newspaper clipping of an advertisement of a function at Edison Junior High School to be held on February 1, 1942.
[Clipping of Win Post Tourney openers]
Section of the Houston Post covering the Post Tourney. Includes Post Tourney Calendar and Tournament Box Scores, and names of the teams and their performance. Also includes an article by Frank Morris, "Mexicans Field Sensationally behind Beltran."
[Clipping photograph of the Southern Select]
Newspaper clipping from the Houston Post of a group photograph of the Southern Select club players. Front row, left to right: Pedro Zammarron ; Jake York ; Johnny Salinas ; L. Garcia ; Fred Peche ; Hilbert Mora ; Raymond Perez ; Ike Camargo. Back row, from left to right: Ramon Sustiata ; Ramon Luna ; Wesley Tofolla ; Alfonso Molina ; Tommy Garcia ; Duri Vidal ; Herman Castillo ; Mike Zepeda ; Lupe Munoz ; Joe Beltran.
[Close up of Rachel Lucas]
Close up photograph of Rachel Lucas. Another person's arms are visible on Rachel Lucas's shoulders.
[Club Azteca at the Houston Ship Channel]
Photograph of the members of Club Azteca at the Houston Ship Channel. Club Azteca was an athletic club that played both soccer and football. Top row, left to right: Manuel Rodriguez ; Benny Lee ; Doroteo Vasquez ; Jose Parrea ; Felipe Davillos ; Jose Villaseñor ; Victor Linon ; Augustine Castillo. Bottom row, left to right: Frank Parillas ; Augustine Vazquez ; Peto Arrispo ; Vincente Castillo ; Juan Reyes ; Aron Villanueva ; Moses Velasquez.
[Club Cultural Recreativo México Bello - 1932]
Photograph of the members of Club Cultural Recreativo México Bello, a social club for Mexican Americans in Houston, Texas.
[Club Cultural Recreativo México Bello - 1934]
Photograph of the members of Club Cultural Recreativo México Bello, a social club for Mexican Americans in Houston, Texas.
[Club Recreativo Internacional, 1935]
Photograph of the members of Club Recreativo Internacional, 1935. From center top (left to right): Carlos Salazar, Vice Presidente ; Jesus de la Isla, Secretario ; Arcadio P. Castillo, Pro-Secretario ; Jose P. Castillo, Tesorero ; Donagiano C. Perez, Pro-Tesorero ; Jesus M. Chapa, 1st Vocal ; Carlos Y. Alcalde, 2nd Vocal ; Guillermo Aguilar, 4th Vocal ; Fredezmindo Lopez ; Francisco Brett, 3rd Vocal ; Ramon C. Gernandez, Precidente. From upper left to lower right: Arnoldo G. Lara ; Mario Montemayor ; Jose L. Torres ; Antonio G. Luna ; Eduardo Pascoe ; Emilio Torres ; Juan Rodriguez ; Eulogio Quintanilla ; D. Salvador Estrella ; Julio S. Perez ; Tomas Martinez ; Alberto Guera ; Ramon Rodriguez ; Silvestre Alguesiur ; Emilio Esparza ; Felix Tijerira ; Romingo A. Varrdo ; Foroteo Hernandez ; Francisco Moreno ; Juan Pantoja ; Tomas Carrera ; Bernardo Contreras ; Estleuan Reyna ; Manuel Lopez ; Jose Alonzo ; Isidao Ibarra ; Tomas Moreno ; Alejandro Vega ; Jesus Garcia ; Manuel Ortegon ; Francisco Tijerina ; Ernesto Olivares ; Francisco Alvarez ; Felipe Alvarado ; Ramon Serena ; Jose Luis Perez ; Ricardo R. Cruz ; Manuel Aleman ; Ernesto Campos ; Guiillermo Espanrza ; Luis Peguero ; Felix de la Isla ; J. J. Mercado ; Rodrigo Garcia R. ; Manuel Crespo ; Rex Salmeron ; Luis Ripley ; Nicasio H. Cedrio ; Manuel N. Cantu
[Club Terpsicore member posing in long white dress]
Photograph of a Club Terpsicore member posing in long white dress, 1939-1940.
[Club Terpsicore member wearing a fancy dress]
Photograph of a Club Terpsicore member wearing a fancy dress, 1939-1940.
[Communion at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and School]
Photograph of the communion at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and School.
[Composite photograph of Joe Torres's family]
Photographs of Joe Torres and his family. 4 images. Top left: Son of Joe Torres, standing holding a guitar, his wife standing on his left, and his son on his right. Top right: Son of Joe Torres, standing beside a small table. Bottom left: Joe Torres sitting, and his wife standing to his left. Bottom right: Wife of son on top left with her son standing beside her.
[Consuelo "Connie" and Sal Garcia]
Photograph of Consuelo "Connie" and Sal Garcia, 1930s, Main Street, Houston.
[Contact sheet of Arturo Rosales Collection]
Contact sheet of images from the Arturo Rosales Collection. Seventeen images of various group portraits, people, and the interior of a restaurant.
[Contact sheet of Site of Orcoquisac and La Placita Market]
Contact sheet of images on a roll of film shot of Site of Orcoquisaz and La Placita Market in Houston, Texas, identified on the back with handwritten notes. The first row of images are of a grassy area edged by trees; the second and third rows of images include grassy areas, water and a lake, surrounded by trees. The fourth row includes images of water edged by trees, and two of men (identified as Kevin Ladd and Harry) standing in grassy areas; one of the men is holding an object and gesturing to his left. The fifth row includes two images of water surrounded by trees; the third image includes a building with a sign that says "La Placita Farmer's Market" with additional advertisements in English and Spanish, and a man is walking on the sidewalk next to the business. The final three images include storefronts of businesses that have signs in Spanish.
[Contract for Statuary for Audelia Gabino's grave, 1929]
Contract for a monument for Francisco (Frank) Gabino's mother, Audelia, who died on December 29, 1928. Houston Monument Company was contracted to build a granite statue and base for $420.
Convention Booklet Report, June 1, 1966
Report on the advertisements in the 1966 League of United Latin American Citizens Convention Booklet. The first column is the page number, the second column the advertiser, and the third column is the price paid for the advertisement.
[Coronation of Mexico Bello Queen]
Photograph of coronation ceremony of Mexico Bello Queen. Men, left to right: Dr. Luis Vensor ; Mario Lozano ; Jose Valdez ; Fernando Salas ; Mexican Consul Barrera ; Jose Buentello ; E.J. Garcia ; Dr. Angel Leyva ; Armando Morton ; Fernando Sepulveda. Women, left to right: Juanita Gutierrez ; Dolores Gutierrez ; Carmen Euerte ; Cynthia Garcia ; Queen Bertha Macias ; Miss Brett ; Elvira Luna ; Mimi Ypina ; Eloise Gonzalez.
[Coronation of Queen Ofelia of the Fiesta de la Raza]
Newspaper clipping of the coronation of Queen Ophelia I on October 11, 1942, on the grounds of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston, Texas. The coronation was part of the Fiesta de la Raza.
[Couple walking down Main Street]
Photograph of a couple, possibly Sal and Yolanda Garcia, walking down Main Street, late 1930s.
[Court document suggesting means to curb juvenile delinquency]
Written recommendation to the Harris County grand jury regarding measures to curb juvenile delinquency. Dated July 7, 1944 and submitted by John J. Ruiz, D.A. Fraser, John J. Herrera and Philip J. Montalbo.
[Decorated car with banner in Fiestas Patrias parade]
Photograph of a decorated car with banner in the Fiestas Patrias parade, 1978.