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[Aurelio "Leo" Reynosa, at 14 or 15 years old]
Photograph of Aurelio "Leo" Reynosa (on left) with fellow soldier during Reynosa's time with revolutionary Pancho Villa. Both young men are wearing military uniform.
[Family photograph of a man holding a baby and three boys]
Photograph of a man holding a baby dressed in long white gown and three young boys, two standing by his side and one boy sitting on a small stool.
[Man playing the violin]
Photograph of a man playing the violin. There is a music stand and a wooden chair, both with open pieces of music resting on them.
[Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church children's play]
Photograph of the cast and crew of a children's play put on by Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church for the 16th of September celebration. The boys are dressed in military costumes.
[Photograph of Jesus Murillo and his wife]
Portrait of Jesus Murillo and his wife just before their marriage.
[Photograph of the Lopez family]
Photograph of the Lopez family. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez are seen standing. Their daughter is sitting on a chair, and their son is standing.
[Photograph of unidentified man - 1910]
Photograph of a person with moustache, wearing a suit and tie.
[Photograph of Velina Yllescas Forrein]
Photograph of a young Hispanic American woman dressed in a long skirt and a shirt, coat and tie.