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[Photograph of two girls and a boy]
Photograph of two girls and a boy. The girl on the left is dressed in a short dress and boots; the girl in the middle is dressed in a long white dress; the boy is wearing a white shirt and pants and boots.
[Remembrance Card for Mary A. Carroll]
Remembrance card for Mary A. Carroll printed on dark cardstock with gold engraving. There is an illustration of a woman with a Bible in front of a large cross, with light streaming from clouds above. Text on the right reads, "In Loving Remembrance of Mrs. Mary A. Carroll, Died April 6, 1899. Age 33 yrs. 9 mos. 15 days." There is a poem in the lower-left corner that reads: "'Tis hard to break the tender cord/ When love has bound the heart,/ 'Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words:/ "We must forever part."/ Dearest loved one, we must lay thee/ In the peaceful grave's embrace,/ But thy memory will be cherished/ Till we see thy heavenly face."