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[Invitation to the American Legion’s "Annual Hawaiian Luau Post Dance” - 1979-04-24]
Letter announcing the American Legion’s “Annual Hawaiian Luau Post Dance” on Sat. May 19, 1979.
[Letter authorizing Dolores Hernandez to travel with Mr. & Mrs. Porfirio Beltran]
Letter to the State of Texas, Harris County, from Toby P.Hernandez authorizing his daughter, Dolores R. Hernandez, to travel with Mr. And Mrs. Porfirio Beltran.
[Letter from Daniel Zermeno about an amendment to the Texas Constitution - 1978-11-01]
Letter from commander Daniel Zermeno of American Legion Department of Texas to vote on an amendment to the State constitution (Article XIII) about no proxy vote allowed. The letter also explains that it is permissible to hold a position as the Post Officers or Building Corporation Directors or any other post business if one has attended at least 3 post meetings prior to election date.
[Letter from the American Legion - 1979-04-10]
Letter announcing the American Legion’s "Annual Old-Fashion July 4th Celebration". Six posts will participate in this picnic. Letter written by Daniel Zermeno, commander.
[Letter from Toby P. Hernandez to Dorris Danner - 1979-05-10]
Letter from Toby Hernandez to Dorris Danner regarding hotel reservations at the Shamrock Hilton Hotel. The reservations are for the 1979 LULAC convention June 13-17, 1979.
[Letter from Toby P. Hernandez to Eddie Pena - 1979-04-02]
Letter from Toby Hernandez to Eddie Pena, who works for the Lone Star Brewing Company, who has agreed to cooperate with LULAC for their 50th anniversary convention. Letter is dated April 2, 1979.
[Letter from Toby P. Hernandez to Juan Ramirez - 1979-03-16]
Letter to Juan Ramirez from Toby Hernandez regarding a Shamrock Hilton Hotel reservation.
[Letter from Toby P. Hernandez to Mary Helen Sanchez - 1979-03-16]
Letter from the chairman of the American Legion Bldg. Corp., Toby Hernandez, to Mary Helen Sanchez. Linda Rodriguez will volunteer her services starting March 19, 1979 to the American Legion Bldg. Corp.
[Letter from Toby P. Hernandez to McCane-Sondock Security - 1979-08-13]
American Legion letter dated Aug. 13, 1979 to McCane-Sondock Security. This letter is about B. F. Rader having been voted out of the organization and his pass card needs to be cancelled and Mr. Joe Garcia replacing him as part of the American Legion Building Corp. He needs to be issued a pass card as does Joe Garcia, Leticia Salazar and Evangelina Allen.