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[Biographical Sketch of John M. Herrera]

Description: Document with biographical information about John M. Herrera's personal life, family, military service, education, career, affiliations, and references.
Date: February 11, 1935
Creator: Herrera, John Michael
Item Type: Text

[Christmas card sent by Esther - 1932]

Description: Christmas card sent by Esther from Houston dated Christmas Eve, 1932. The printed text of the card reads: "To wish you all happiness / at Christmas and throughout / the coming year."
Date: December 24, 1932
Item Type: Image

[Club Recreativo Internacional, 1935]

Description: Photograph of the members of Club Recreativo Internacional, 1935. From center top (left to right): Carlos Salazar, Vice Presidente ; Jesus de la Isla, Secretario ; Arcadio P. Castillo, Pro-Secretario ; Jose P. Castillo, Tesorero ; Donagiano C. Perez, Pro-Tesorero ; Jesus M. Chapa, 1st Vocal ; Carlos Y. Alcalde, 2nd Vocal ; Guillermo Aguilar, 4th Vocal ; Fredezmindo Lopez ; Francisco Brett, 3rd Vocal ; Ramon C. Gernandez, Precidente. From upper left to lower right: Arnoldo G. Lara ; Mario Montemayor ; Jose L. Torres ; Antonio G. Luna ; Eduardo Pascoe ; Emilio Torres ; Juan Rodriguez ; Eulogio Quintanilla ; D. Salvador Estrella ; Julio S. Perez ; Tomas Martinez ; Alberto Guera ; Ramon Rodriguez ; Silvestre Alguesiur ; Emilio Esparza ; Felix Tijerira ; Romingo A. Varrdo ; Foroteo Hernandez ; Francisco Moreno ; Juan Pantoja ; Tomas Carrera ; Bernardo Contreras ; Estleuan Reyna ; Manuel Lopez ; Jose Alonzo ; Isidao Ibarra ; Tomas Moreno ; Alejandro Vega ; Jesus Garcia ; Manuel Ortegon ; Francisco Tijerina ; Ernesto Olivares ; Francisco Alvarez ; Felipe Alvarado ; Ramon Serena ; Jose Luis Perez ; Ricardo R. Cruz ; Manuel Aleman ; Ernesto Campos ; Guiillermo Espanrza ; Luis Peguero ; Felix de la Isla ; J. J. Mercado ; Rodrigo Garcia R. ; Manuel Crespo ; Rex Salmeron ; Luis Ripley ; Nicasio H. Cedrio ; Manuel N. Cantu
Date: 1935
Creator: Cantu Studio
Item Type: Photograph

[Flyer for the film “La Paloma"]

Description: Flyer for the film "La Paloma", giving a summary, cast list and details of the movie shown at Teatro Azteca. The film starred Medea de Novara as Empress Carlota.
Date: 1937
Creator: Azteca Films Distributing Company
Item Type: Pamphlet
Location Info:

[Four men in Alamo Furniture Company shop]

Description: Photograph of four salesmen of the Alamo Furniture Co. standing in the shop. Dressers and radios are visible in the front; chairs, tables, and desks are visible further back in the room. Chairs hang from the ceiling around the room.
Date: 1938
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

[Graduating class of Our Lady of Guadalupe School]

Description: Photograph of the graduation class of 1935 at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. Top row, left to right: Cruz Rodriguez ; Natalio Molino ; Raymundo Rodriguez ; Pedro Aguilar ; Petra Ruiz. Second row, left to right: Bertha Cruz ; Frances Rodriguez ; Vicenta Barela ; Bernadina Gonzalez ; Lupe Andrade ; Rafaela Lopez ; Margarita Gonzalez.
Date: 1935
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

[Graduation ceremony at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church]

Description: Photograph of a graduation ceremony at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in 1936. Children, from left to right: Lorenzo Peguero ; Jose Luera ; Antonio Martinez ; Justo Molino ; Reyes Lisea ; William Guillen ; Jose Maria Martinez ; Antonio Cano ; Inconception Estrada ; Dolores Paramo ; Carmen Cano. Seated, Father Ladislado Lopez.
Date: 1936
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

[Group of catechists at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and School]

Description: Photograph of a group of catechists at Our Lady of Guadalupe, circa 1931. Bottom row, left to right: Alicia Herrera ; Angelita Celiz ; Amalia Lopez ; Petra Sanchez ; Ramona Nieto ; Margarita Gonzalez. Top row, left to right: Berta Cruz ; Frances Rodriguez ; Petra Ruiz ; Julia Ortega ; Incarnacion Martinez ; Nalaria Adame.
Date: 1931
Item Type: Photograph

[Inauguration of Club Mexico, 1933]

Description: Photograph of the inauguration of Club Mexico at the M & M Building on April 16, 1933. Professor Adolfo Martinez is seated in the center. Left side: Jose Lopez - director seated with his group, Tipica Groupo de Senoritios. Right side - seated (left to right): Ignacio Mexcado, saxophone ; Rudy Rubio, clarinet ; Jose Rivas, trombone ; Jose Castro, trumphet ; Prof. Jesus Gavino Gonzales, cello. Right side - standing (left to right): Pomposo Macha ; Miguel Rivas, violin ; Gertrudis Gabino Gonzales, piano ; Jose Torres, violin ; Tomas Aguilar, violin. On the left is a large group of young women in matching dresses and hats, each holding a banjo, mandolin or guitar.
Date: April 16, 1933
Item Type: Photograph

La Inundacion de Houston en 1935

Description: Photograph of document, La Inundacioin de Houston en 1935, written by Jesus Golleges. This is a poem about the Great Houston Flood of 1935. Golleges was the father of Mario Golleges.
Date: 1935
Creator: Golleges, Jesus
Item Type: Poem

[League of United Latin American Citizens Charter Amendment - 1939-06-19]

Description: Document is an amendment to the League of United Latin American Citizens Charter dated June 19, 1939. The amendment serves to extend the corporation's territorial limits from "the State of Texas," as indicated in the original charter, to "the United States of America." It is signed by officers of LULAC as well as a notary public.
Date: June 19, 1939
Creator: League of United Latin American Citizens
Item Type: Legal Document