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[Invitation to LULAC Testimonial Dinner in honor of Manuel Gonzales - March 12, 1977]

Description: Invitation to LULAC Testimonial Dinner in honor of the Honorable Manuel Gonzales, National President of LULAC to be held on March 12, 1977. The invitation is from Ray A. Gano, Director of the State of Arizona LULAC, and the LULAC membership to Mr. and Mrs. John J. Herrera. The event is to be held at the SunBurst Hotel with a reception, a dinner, and entertainment in the form of "Music and Dance from Old Spain." The invitation also includes a public release and tentative agenda for the LULAC-Abrazar Study on March 12, 1977 as well as a registration card and return envelope.
Date: March 12, 1977
Creator: Gano, Ray A.

[Letter from Ray A. Gano to Eduardo Morga - 1978-02-06]

Description: Letter from Ray A. Gano to Honorable Eduardo Morga, National LULAC President, dated February 6, 1978, and printed on League of United Latin American Citizens latterhead. The subject of the letter is the National LULAC Convention in Las Vegas. Gano expresses concern over the lack of planning and preparation for the convention and suggests that Arizona's Phoenix Council be put in charge of the event.
Date: February 6, 1978
Creator: Gano, Ray A.