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[Connally Newsletter, Number 18, October 23, 1962]

Description: Connally Newsletter issue number 18 giving updates on renewed Democratic interest and support, some back and forth between Jack Cox and John B. Connally's stance on the Trinity River Project, and guidance for how the reader can support the party. The bottom of the second page is a "Campaign Contribution Coupon" soliciting donations with an explanation of what kind of coverage donations of varying amounts could support.
Date: October 23, 1962
Creator: John Connally for Governor Campaign

[Copy of editorial "Bandwagon has gone, Mr. Commissioner," from the San Antonio Evening News, September 21, 1962]

Description: Reproduction of an editorial from the San Antonio Evening News criticizing Albert A. Peña, Jr. and his Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations (PASO) organization for being derailed from their purpose, for not responding to the desires of most Latinos, and inability to solidify a party plank.
Date: September 21, 1962

[Harris County PASO Bulletin, February 6, 1962]

Description: Newsletter for the Political Association of Spanish Speaking Organizations covering the current news, noting an important meeting in February to select delegates for the convention. There are several reminders to members to pay poll taxes and member dues. John J. Herrera, along with Rafael Moreno, are specifically thanked for their efforts with the LULAC Hour on KLVL urging listeners to pay poll taxes.
Date: February 6, 1962
Creator: Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations

[Language Missions Report of Missionary Work for Manuel Urbina for the month ending February 25, 1962]

Description: Personal report of Manuel Urbina's work at the Magnolia Temple for the month ending on February 25, 1962. Includes Urbina's activities and a report on the congregation served. Urbina notes that the main emphasis for the next month will be "Week prayer. Study on world evangelism. State missions."
Date: February 25, 1962
Creator: Urbina, Manuel
Location Info: