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[Letter from Eduardo Morga to Joseph Coors - 1977-07-26]

Description: Letter from Eduardo Morga, League of United Latin American Citizens National President, to Joseph Coors, Board Chairman of Adolph Coors Brewing Company, dated July 26, 1977. The letter refers to a LULAC boycott of Coors and requests that Joe Benites not be sent to LULAC functions as a Coors representative as he is no longer a member of LULAC.
Date: July 26, 1977
Creator: Morga, Eduardo

[Letter from Eduardo Morga to Joseph Coors with flyer and press release - 1977-08-30]

Description: Letter from Eduardo Morga, LULAC Nation President, to Joseph Coors, President of Adolph Coors Company, dated August 30, 1977. The letter discusses recent communications with Coors regarding Joe Benites and use of LULAC and its members in Coors commercials. Attached to the letter are a "Boycott Coors Beer!" flyer and a LULAC press release stating the Coors Company is using LULAC's name without consent and the organization does not support their practices.
Date: August 30, 1977
Creator: Morga, Eduardo

[Mailgram to Manuel Gonzales from Ray A. Gano and letter from Joseph R. Benites to Ray A. Gano - 1976-12-07]

Description: Mailgram addressed to Manuel Gonzales and dated December 7, 1976. The message confirms a mailgram from Ray A. Gano, Abrazar Project Task Force Chairman, to Joseph R. Benites. The message indicates that the audit of the LULAC Abrazar Project is being compiled without input from Benites as he has not responded to the request for information. The letter from Joseph R. Benites to Ray A. Gano indicates that Benites has no information to give for the audit.
Date: December 7, 1976
Creator: Gano, Ray A. & Benites, Joseph R.