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[Letter from Toby P. Hernandez to Homer Leonard - 1966-04-14]
Letter dated April 14, 1966 from Toby P. Hernandez to Homer Leonard regarding advertisement and beer. The Local Breweries and Beer Distributorships can only support the LULAC convention through either purchasing advertisements or donating beer. Hernandez replies that LULAC will take the advertisements.
Bienaventurado el 1899-1967
Report on the life and legacy of Reverend Manuel Urbina who passed away on August 14, 1967. The report is written by Urbina's widow, Irene Salce de Urbina.
[Obituaries for Manuel Urbina from Houston newspapers]
Photocopy of four newspaper clippings, two from the Houston Post, two from the Houston Chronicle. The clippings are obituaries and article about Manuel Urbina, who passed away on August 14, 1967.
Tentative Program, LULAC Pre-Educational Program Banquet, September 14, 1957
Tentative program for the LULAC Pre-Educational Program Banquet to be held in the Castillian Room of the Shamrock Hilton Hotel on September 14, 1957. Special guests include Oscar M. Laurel, Felix Tijerina, and Texas Governor Price Daniel.
[Wedding photograph of Hermenegildo and Raquel]
Photograph of a Mexican American couple. The bride is dressed in white with a long veil, and a beautiful head decoration. She is holding a bunch of white flowers. She is sitting on a chair and the groom is standing, dressed in a black suit. He is wearing gloves.