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[Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe band]

Description: Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe band. This band was played in 1930 at Jamarino in Magnolia Park at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. Top row, from left to right: Jose Arazia ; unidentified ; Jesus M. Rodriquez ; Jose Rodriquez ; unidentified ; unidentified ; Isabel Leon ; Aqupito Alvarado ; Jose Hernandez ; unidentified. Bottom row, from left to right: unidentified ; Ramon Paramo ; Ramon Hernandez ; unidentified ; Jose Carmona ; unidentified ; unidentified ; unidentified ; unidentified boy (sitting down).
Date: 1930

[Reception for Miss Mexico at Brazos Hotel]

Description: Photograph of a reception for Miss Mexico at the Brazos Hotel in the 1920s. Standing, left to right: unidentified ; Felipe Santander, father of Elenita Farrington ; Mrs. Satander ; unidentified ; Gustavo Rosales Ypina, by post ; unidentified ; unidentified ; Jose Sarabia ; Pinfilo Tellez ; unidentified ; unidentified ; Sororro Sarabia. Sitting, left to right: unidentified ; Mrs. Ypina (Gustavo) ; unidentified ; unidentified ; unidentified ; Elenita Santander (Farrington) ; unidentified ; unidentified.
Date: 192u
Creator: Suarez, Luis