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[Flyer for the film “La Paloma"]
Flyer for the film "La Paloma", giving a summary, cast list and details of the movie shown at Teatro Azteca. The film starred Medea de Novara as Empress Carlota.
[Group outside of Lone Star Bag and Bagging Company]
Photograph of a group of workers outside of the Long Star Bag & Bagging Company.
[Second-Hand Bag Department employees from Lone Star Bag and Bagging Company]
Photograph of the employees from the Second-Hand Bag Department of Long Star Bag and Bagging Company.
[Photograph of a man holding a gun in his hand]
Photograph of a man dressed in a suit and standing next to a pedestal. He is holding a gun in his hand.
LULAC News, Volume 4, Number 4, July 1937
LULAC NEWS magazine, Volume 4, Number 4, July, 1937. This publication contains information relating to LULAC activities and news affecting the LULAC community, including convention proceedings.