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[Letter from Jose Angel Medrano to Elizabeth Cisneros - 1947-08-02]
Letter to Elizabeth Cisneros, Secretary, Club Recreativo Regis, inviting members of the club to the first anniversary Ball of the Club Recreativo de Veterans, Houston, Texas, on August 3, 1947. The letter is signed by Jose Angel Medrano of Club Recreativo de Veteranos. Included with the letter are two typed sheets of the names of the 1947 members of Club Recreativo de Veteranos, Houston, Texas, with their addresses.
[Photograph of Dalila]
Photograph of a woman named Dalila. She wearing a dress and a large coat, and is standing on the porch of a house.
[Biographical dates of Manuel Urbina]
Short document detailing the biographical dates of Manuel Urbina, including his birth and marriage dates and the number of years he served as a minister in various cities.
[Document No. X by Manuel Urbina, October 7, 1947]
Report, titled Document No. X, on the community in Angleton, Texas, and efforts to convert Hispanic Americans.
[Photograph of a young boy]
School portrait of a young Hispanic American boy, taken for the 1947-1948 school year.