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[Rice Hotel employees]

Description: Photograph of seven men and twemty-eight women, all employees at the Rice Hotel, in Houston, Texas.
Date: 1918
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[Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church children's play]

Description: Photograph of the cast and crew of a children's play put on by Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church for the 16th of September celebration. The boys are dressed in military costumes.
Date: September 16, 1915
Creator: Herzik's Art Studio
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[Man playing the violin]

Description: Photograph of a man playing the violin. There is a music stand and a wooden chair, both with open pieces of music resting on them.
Date: 1910

[Photograph of the Lopez family]

Description: Photograph of the Lopez family. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez are seen standing. Their daughter is sitting on a chair, and their son is standing.
Date: April 9, 1910

[Photograph of Juan Yllescas]

Description: Photograph of Juan Yllescas. He is wearing a suit, and standing beside a chair, with his left hand on the chair.
Date: June 21, 1912