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[Photograph of the Mexican Inn baseball team]

Description: Photograph of the Mexican Inn Baseball Team, Houston Texas. Spectators are seen sitting on the back in the stadium. A pair of bats and gloves are seen on the grass in front of the players. Pictured, back row, from left to right: Felix Tjerina ; Pilo Hagnes ; Cuote - Felix Castro ; unidentified ; Walter Avaloz ; Johnny Cortez ; Mike Zepeda ; Lupe Garcia ; Jesse Aldaco ; Roy Garcia ; Mr. Najo ; Pasquilito Garcia ; Freddy Bolderas ; Jorge Cordova ; Jasper Castillo ; Ismael Cormozo
Date: April 15, 1934
Creator: Litterist Photo

[Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe band]

Description: Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe band. This band was played in 1930 at Jamarino in Magnolia Park at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. Top row, from left to right: Jose Arazia ; unidentified ; Jesus M. Rodriquez ; Jose Rodriquez ; unidentified ; unidentified ; Isabel Leon ; Aqupito Alvarado ; Jose Hernandez ; unidentified. Bottom row, from left to right: unidentified ; Ramon Paramo ; Ramon Hernandez ; unidentified ; Jose Carmona ; unidentified ; unidentified ; unidentified ; unidentified boy (sitting down).
Date: 1930

[Photograph of the Aztecas Club baseball team]

Description: Photograph of the Aztecas Club baseball team, taken in the spring of 1939. Back row, from left to right: unidentified ; Manuel Gonzales ; Pete Zamorron ; unidentified ; José Beltron ; Herman Castillo ; unidentified ; Duri Vidal ; unidentified ; Cuote ("Turn") - Felix Castro. Front row, from left to right: Mr. Gutierrez (Benito Zemno) ; Orzlo. ; "Cuballito" ; unidentified ; Lupe Garcia ; Jose Cordova ; Castillino ; Gilberto Mora ; Pusqualito Garcia ; Mr. Luna.
Date: 1939

[Inauguration of Club Mexico, 1933]

Description: Photograph of the inauguration of Club Mexico at the M & M Building on April 16, 1933. Professor Adolfo Martinez is seated in the center. Left side: Jose Lopez - director seated with his group, Tipica Groupo de Senoritios. Right side - seated (left to right): Ignacio Mexcado, saxophone ; Rudy Rubio, clarinet ; Jose Rivas, trombone ; Jose Castro, trumphet ; Prof. Jesus Gavino Gonzales, cello. Right side - standing (left to right): Pomposo Macha ; Miguel Rivas, violin ; Gertrudis Gabino Gonzales, piano ; Jose Torres, violin ; Tomas Aguilar, violin. On the left is a large group of young women in matching dresses and hats, each holding a banjo, mandolin or guitar.
Date: April 16, 1933

[Graduating class of Our Lady of Guadalupe School]

Description: Photograph of the graduation class of 1935 at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. Top row, left to right: Cruz Rodriguez ; Natalio Molino ; Raymundo Rodriguez ; Pedro Aguilar ; Petra Ruiz. Second row, left to right: Bertha Cruz ; Frances Rodriguez ; Vicenta Barela ; Bernadina Gonzalez ; Lupe Andrade ; Rafaela Lopez ; Margarita Gonzalez.
Date: 1935
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