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[Letter from John J. Herrera to Edward W. Wadsworth - 1977-08-18]
Onionskin carbon copy of a letter from John J. Herrera requesting a copy of the manual of operating procedures from Edward W. Wadsworth, Clerk at the United States Court of Appeals.
[Letter from A. E. Pradillo to John J. Herrera - 1946-05-13]
Letter from A. E. Pradillo responding to John J. Herrera's request for information regarding details of the upcoming "Quizz [sic] of Two-Cities." The letter is on New Orleans Association of Commerce letterhead.
[Acknowledgment of receipt of briefs by John J. Herrera - 1969-03-27]
Self-addressed card for Scofields' Quality Printers, Inc. for John J. Herrera to use to verify his receipt of two copies of briefs for a case printed and delivered by that company.
[Postcard from Jesse to John Herrera]
Postcard to John J. Herrera, undated and covered on the outside with color illustrations of street scenes with the text "Souvenir Folder of New Orleans, Louisiana" across the top. The folder opens to reveal multiple color illustrations of buildings and monuments in New Orleans with captions to identify. The handwritten message reads "Just me! 'Doe!' am passing thru and will drop you a letter later. Jesse". The text on the interior reads "New Orleans, LA., America's most interesting city" as well as a lengthy description of the sights and history of New Orleans.