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[Letter from Carlos E. Castañeda to Alsonso S. Perales - 1947-04-11]

Description: Onionskin carbon copy of the letter sent by Dr. Carlos E. Castañeda to Alonso S. Perales in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Castañeda discusses the special election for the State Senate and the possibility of John J. Herrera running as a candidate. Castañeda provides details for obtaining votes and financial support for Herrera's campaign.
Date: April 11, 1947
Creator: Castañeda, Carlos E.

[Letter from Manuel G. Castañeda to John J. Herrera - 1948-09-22]

Description: Letter from Manuel G. Castaneda, Executive Secretary General of LULAC, to John J. Herrera, LULAC Regional Governor, dated September 22, 1948. This is a notification that the San Antonio Council has declined the request to host a regional convention and passes on a recommendation to contact the Corpus Christi Council for help.
Date: September 22, 1948
Creator: Castañeda, Manuel G.

[Letter from Raoul Cortez, LULAC National President, to All LULAC Officers and Councils - 1949-09-08]

Description: Letter from Raoul Cortez, LULAC National President, to all officers and councils of LULAC, dated September 8, 1949. This is a notification of a called special meeting of the Supreme Council to be held October 8 and 9, 1949 in San Antonio, Texas. The meeting will approve the new constitution and by-laws, set up the permanent home office, and discuss redistricting.
Date: September 8, 1949
Creator: Cortez, Raoul A.

[Speech on segregation of school children by Raoul A. Cortez]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of Raoul A. Cortez's comments on the the "decision in Federal Court which outlawed the practice of segregating school children of Mexican descent." Cortez, who had recently been elected President-General of the League of United Latin American Citizens, says that from now on Hispanic Americans will have an opportunity to become useful citizens and make contributions to society.
Date: unknown
Creator: Cortez, Raoul A.

[Letter from Reynaldo de la Garza and Bennie Cantu to John J. Herrera - 1954-04-10]

Description: Letter to John J. Herrera from General Chairman Reynaldo de la Garza and Bennie Cantu from the San Antonio LULAC Council No. 2 inviting Herrera to the "traditional Feria de las Flores" (which translates to the Flower Show) which is a dinner dance that raised money for the LULAC Scholarship Fund. Herrera was invited to attend as the guest of honor to the dinner dance on Friday, April 30th at the Seven Oaks Country Club. "This particular evening has been set aside especially for the purpose of honoring our former 'Reyes Feos', all of you will receive the recognition at this dinner dance to which you are so justly entitle." The translation of "Reyes Feos", is "The Ugly Kings" which is a non-profit organization that raises money for scholarships that are awarded to deserving Texas students.
Date: April 10, 1954
Creator: De la Garza, Reynaldo

[Letter from James DeAnda to Jacob I. Rodriguez - 1953-05-26]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of letter from James DeAnda, LULAC Executive Secretary, to Jacob I. Rodriguez, Editor, LULAC News, dated May 26, 1953. This letter is a follow-up on a suggestion made at LULAC Supreme Council meeting to negotiate with Hal Purser of Houston, Texas, to take over publishing the LULAC News in July, 1953. It contains pertinent questions about circulation numbers, advertising rates, and addressograph plates.
Date: May 26, 1953
Creator: DeAnda, James

[Letter from Efrain G. Dominguez to John J. Herrera - 1952-12-02]

Description: Letter from Professor Efrain G. Dominguez, Consul Adscrito, Consul General's office of Mexico, San Antonio, Texas to John J. Herrera, LULAC National President, dated December 2, 1952. Dominguez writes to Herrera, who is scheduled to meet with the Brazoria Chamber of Commerce to discuss the blacklisting of Brazoria County by the Mexican government.
Date: December 2, 1952
Creator: Dominguez, Efrain G.

[Letter from Betty Elder to Pete Tijerina - 1966-12-12]

Description: Letter from Betty Elder to Peter Tijerina, December 12, 1966, regarding plans to establish a National Office for the Rights of the Indigent. The program will "concentrate on appellate practice, research and theory development in areas of slum housing, welfare law, migrant labor, consumer credit; the fair administration of the criminal law, and problems of Spanish Americans and American Indians."
Date: December 12, 1966
Creator: Elder, Betty