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[Letter from Albert Armendariz Campaign Committee to John J. Herrera]

Description: Announcement by Albert Armendariz Campaign Committee of candidacy of Albert Armendariz for National President of LULAC. The letter lists Armendariz's LULAC activities and qualifications for the position and seeks support for his election.
Date: unknown
Creator: Albert Armendariz Campaign Committee
Item Type: Letter

Five Point Plan of Paul Andow

Description: Document is titled "Five Point Plan of Paul Andow ; Candidate for League of United Latin American Citizens National President." The document describes Andow's experience and details his plans for LULAC.
Date: 1963
Creator: Andow, Paul
Item Type: Text

[Letter from Alicia R. Chacon to members of Mexican-American Democrats]

Description: Letter from the Chair of Mexican-American Democrats of El Paso, Alicia R. Chacon, inviting members of the organization to participate in a three day meeting, "I am a Texas Democrat" in July, 1977, which would include both entertainment events and some organizational business meetings.
Date: 197u
Creator: Chacon, Alicia R.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Robert M. Doninguez to John J. Herrera - 1949-01-11]

Description: Letter from Robert M. Dominguez, Acting Secretary of El Paso, Texas, LULAC Council, to John J. Herrera LULAC Regional Governor dated January 11, 1949. In response to the invitation to the upcoming Regional Convention, the El Paso LULAC Council is unable to attend.
Date: January 11, 1949
Creator: Dominguez, Robert M.
Item Type: Letter

LULAC Week to be observed in El Paso during Feb. 15-21

Description: Newspaper clipping from "The El Paso Times" with article and photograph regarding proclamation of Mayor Fred Hervey that the week of February 15-21 will be "LULAC Week" in El Paso to commemorate the 24th anniversary of LULAC.
Date: 1953
Creator: El Paso Times
Item Type: Clipping

[Card from P. F. Flores to John J. Herrera - 1979-09-11]

Description: Card in an envelope sent to Herrera from Rev. P. F. Flores, thanking John J. Herrera for his support and congratulations on his appointment as Archbishop of San Antonio. The envelope containing the card is addressed to John J. Herrera and stamped: "El Paso, Texas 799, 11 Sep. 1979."
Date: September 11, 1979
Creator: Flores, P. F.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Manuel Gonzales to William D. Bonilla with mailgram from William D. Bonilla to Manuel Gonzales - 1977]

Description: Copy of letter from Manuel Gonzales, League of United Latin American Citizens National President, to William D. Bonilla, LULAC National Foundation Treasurer, dated June 9, 1977. The letter refers to a $10,000 grant from El Paso Natural Gas Company and requests half of the money be sent to LULAC Nation Office to pay the Internal Revenue Service. The mailgram from William D. Bonilla to Manuel Gonzales is dated May 7, 1977. The telegram states "Received letter of May 5 cannot act upon request alone...."
Date: June 9, 1977
Creator: Gonzales, Manuel & Bonilla, William D.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from John J. Herrera to A. F. Mireles - 1950-08-11]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of a letter from John J. Herrera, LULAC First National Vice-President, to A. F. Mireles, Managing Editor and Publisher of the El Paso LULAC Bulletin, dated August 11, 1950. A request for information about the postal permission to publish and mail the El Paso LULAC Bulletin, as the Houston LULAC Council is considering publication of a Houston LULAC bulletin.
Date: August 11, 1950
Creator: Herrera, John J.
Item Type: Letter