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[Letter from Albert Armendariz to Frank M. Pinedo - 1955-02-17]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of letter from Albert Armendariz, League of United Latin American Citizens National Officer, to Frank M. Pinedo, stating that Armendariz no longer wishes to be National Officer of LULAC due to unfair acts committed against members of LULAC. The letter outlines the impeachment of John J. Herrera and David Longoria and mentions the action taken against the LULAC lodge. "It is no longer safe to act on behalf of the Lulac Organization, for the danger of impeachment without a hearing will menace our every action or inaction [...] it pains me greatly to know that our Organization, the Supreme Council, would be guilty of condemning without an opportunity to be heard."
Date: February 17, 1955
Creator: Armendariz, Albert

[Letter from Carlos E. Castañeda to John J. Herrera - 1949-03-12]

Description: Letter from C. E. Castañeda to John J. Herrera requesting him to find the nearest location of the Chilean Consulate to obtain a visa for him, for his upcoming trip to Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Castañeda has already sent his application for a visa to the Consulates of Brazil and Argentina. On the letter handwritten in pencil: "Hurry, a favor to consider. 8th floor, P5111, New Orleans...Consul of Chile"
Date: March 12, 1949
Creator: Castañeda, Carlos E.

[Postcard reply from Tony Cruz to John J. Herrera - 1964-05-25]

Description: An invitation card for the "Viva Johnson" organization meeting on May 31, 1964, at the Driskill Hotel in Austin. It includes an RSVP either to attend the meeting or to be willing to work in their own locality in the "Viva Johnson" effort. The postcard is sent with a four cent of prepaid US postage, with the sender's name and address. The postcard includes Tony Cruz's reply to John J. Herrera. Cruz indicated that he will attend the meeting.
Date: May 25, 1964
Creator: Cruz, Tony